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Here are some of our Published Covers/Testimonials

I was surprised at the cost and professional-quality of your covers, but what really sold me was the ease at which I could alter the style and placement of the wording on the cover to match my vision. I even got some helpful suggestions from the cover designer. It looks great! Thanks for a great experience! —Bryant Delafosse
This is the second time I have used a SelfPubBookCover--I always seem to be able to find just the right cover with them, and using their system with choosing fonts and so on is extremely easy. I love looking through their wide selection, and their prices are very fair. @AndiDowning
The cover for Darkness and Light was one of the harder ones to find. I agonized for some time, wondering what sort of image would best suit the story. Eventually, after looking back and forth from one option to another, I chose the one from RLSather and proceeded to work on the titles. That forced me to learn more about how to manipulate the SelfPubBookCovers software to achieve the look I wanted. But it was fun! And I am very happy with the results. This final chapter of the Ex Tempore series can be found through or in print through Amazon or Barnes&Noble. -Allison M. Azulay
I love browsing the book covers of SelfPubBookCovers they have so many to choose from. I have used ten of their designs so far. Whenever I'm looking for a book cover I always end up back here. The only problem I have is that I wish I had a manuscript to go with some of the beautiful covers they have. I give this company five stars. Deborah Tadema ---------------------------------------- Here are the links for all of my books, so far. No Honor Between Brothers Abandoned Honor Restless Honor A Son’s Lost Honor Sacrificed Honor Caged Honor Reflections of Honor Break in The Wind Thunder in The Wind
This is the first time I’ve spent the extra money for the back cover and spine, and I’m so glad I did. RLSather did an awesome job—as always. I’ve never been disappointed in any of the books covers I’ve bought from SelfPubBookCovers. I THINK this is my sixteenth cover purchased! Good job, everyone! -Ruth Kyser
As everyone familiar with self-publishing knows, the book cover is an essential component in attracting the attention of potential readers. In my case, that requirement was aptly met. I am extremely appreciative of the custom cover design produced by the selfpubbookcover artists. Gary Harlan
Thank you guys so much for my beautiful book cover. I could not be more happy! Both, the artwork and the customer service experience have been absolutely amazing. You’ve always been at hand with advise and suggestions and emails were answered super-swift. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you on my debut novel. I will definitely come back for more. -Christiane Tann
When I originally published the novellas in my fantasy series, hoping to gain new readers (as the novellas are stand-alones), I used very simple covers with my own photos. The novellas have been doing well, so I decided I'd "reward" them with new covers. SelfPubBookCovers gave me a great variety to choose from. "Below the Wizards' Tower" takes place in a seaside city, so I was looking for something that looked magical and had a seaside, and this cover by Viergacht was just right. -C. Dale Brittain
I had considered making my own cover for this book, but had no idea what I wanted it to look like, and wasn't sure I wanted to put the time into doing it myself. I don't have the skills to be great at it. Having happily purchased covers from SelfPubBookCovers before, I decided to see what was available - and when I saw this one, I purchased it immediately because it fits the book perfectly. I had to have it! Being able to add and tweak text is wonderful, especially since you can add different effects to your text to make it look more professional. A cover from SelfPubBookCovers is a great investment! -Meya Linder
Some time back I wrote a young-adult novel set in the 1960s, "How I Survived Junior High," an account of coming of age that is both painful and very funny. So life was easier back before cell phones, before streaming video, before they even called it middle school, right? Wrong! Somehow I'd never published the book, but I decided it was time. So I needed a cover, and hit on an RLSather cover from SelfPubBookCovers. I've used two of her covers for earlier books, and found that this one exactly caught the poignancy and eager potential of my heroine.~C. Dale Brittain
You'll find that three of my book covers were from your amazing selection on SelfPubBookCovers. They are Dark September, Gallows Field and Footsteps. The reason I look to SelfPubBookCovers. is because of the selection and, more importantly, the ease with which I can make it my own. I'm extremely pleased with this site. -Brendan Gerad O'Brien
Thank you for all your help. I have recommended selfpubbookcovers to others and will be happy to do it again. You guys are a pleasure to work with. Wishing you much continued success, Marvin Maupin
When looking for a cover for a collection of military science fiction novels, I went straight to SelfPubBookCovers. It only took me a few minutes to find a great cover by searching artists I'd previously used. I love the selection and quality of the covers, and already know which ones I'll use for my next half dozen projects! ~ C.J. Carella
I am pleased with this cover by DesignzbyDanielle for The Winter Goddess. Choosing the font for the title was actually harder than deciding on the cover design, given the variety of fonts available on the SelfPubBookCovers site. This design provides a suggestion of mystery and science fiction that seems to me just right for this story that crosses many genres. I hope readers will agree. Allison M. Azulay does it again! A beautiful cover, back and spine, goes perfectly with the cover of the first novel in the series. Great products, great service. You couldn't ask for a better place to go for your book's cover. My only problem at the moment is that there are four or five beautiful potential covers for my third novel, and I am having a hard time picking one! - E. E. Kellogg
I would like to thank SelfPubBookCovers and the artist for the amazing work on my cover, spine and back cover. This is my go to place for all my covers! They are easy and wonderful to deal with, great pricing and all the artists are very creative with their work. Rob, the Creative Director, is helpful and wonderful to work with! Thank you all so much! ~Jeni Rae D
I'd published this novella half a dozen years ago with a cover that had (shall we say) a certain "loving hands at home" home-made look to it. I thought I'd try a new cover to attract new attention, something that would reflect the story's mix of fantasy, mystery, and romance--plus mountains. A lot to ask, but I found the perfect cover by RLSather--this is the second one of her covers I've used. I was especially drawn to the ethereal, rather old-fashioned look of the young woman, coupled with trackless mountains, the perfect illustration for the story. This is my sixth cover with a cover from you! Thanks! ~C. Dale Brittain
When I was looking about for a cover for Destined, the second book in my Ex Tempore Series, I was hard put to find what I was looking for until I saw this one by RLSather. At once I knew that was it! It expressed the story and genre subtly but effectively. And the fonts available through offered the styles I needed, as well. Sometimes, few designs speak to me; other times, it's hard to choose among the many gorgeous covers that would work perfectly. But always, it's fun to scroll through what's on offer and more fun still to play with the cover text to see what works with the image. Thanks again, SelfPubBookCovers and RLSather!
This is the third book cover I have purchased from Here's why I keep coming back: great artists and fast, friendly service! ~Jan Kelly
This is the sixth cover I've purchased. I love the selection and the ease of using keywords to search for the right images. This site has been so helpful in publishing my books! -Thanks, C.E. Osborn

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