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Selfpub 6th year

Thank you to the many authors who have bought covers from our artists at SelfPubBookCovers.com!

We've been hearing from many authors that they have been buying covers for books in development.

Some have purchased covers that have stimulated ideas for future stories.

We heard from a few authors who have bought covers for their trilogies.

We've been hearing how authors love how easy it is to get a one-of-a-kind cover.


Please check out these wonderful books that have been published with SPBC book covers.
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Thanks again to all our talented artists

who are part of this ground breaking new way

for authors to get a professional cover they can customize themselves.

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Here are some of our Published Covers/Testimonials

I chose a cover from www.SelfPubBookCovers.com after I've researched several other options. In the end I decided on SelfPubBookCovers.com because of the variety and convenience. I could do a research and come up with several options for a book. The covers are easy to purchase, and the prices are reasonable, in my opinion. I know it was said before, but the covers are indeed a great source of inspiration, and may prompt a writer to come up with a particular story to match the cover. On short, they're beautiful, and easy to customize. And it pains me to admit, I spend more time than I should, browsing and bookmarking the favorites. -Shayne Ford
I heard about SelfPubBookCovers on Goodreads and liked what I saw. My first novel is Absence of Color and I already have heard good comments about the cover I used. I definitely plan to use them again. -S K Wee
Thank you for your amazing cover. I was especially happy with the fact that I could manage the text and fonts on my own. That has been my biggest frustration with book covers in the past, and your system made that a breeze. Your selection was amazing. After hours of searching through different sites for what I wanted, I found the exact cover I wanted on your site. Even after sharing it with a few friends to look at, they had the same thoughts. Here is a quote from one of them: "OMG, I LOVE it!" It was also very easy to purchase and I had the finished cover within minutes. Thank you very much. - Brandon J Greer
After completing my novel, I initially wanted to commission a book cover artist to create the concept that I had in my head, but due to time constraints I realized that this was impossible, as I had a deadline. I stumbled upon 'Selfpubbookcovers' and was surprised to find a plethora of pre-made book covers to choose from, saving me both time and money. I chose a cover that I liked for my book and paid the extra fee for the cover artist to design the spine and back cover to match the front cover. The cover artist gave me a choice of two designs to choose from and Rob - the Creative Director - liaised with the cover artist on my behalf to ensure that final design looked as professional as possible. He was also prompt in responding to my emails when I wanted to make amendments to my final design after I received the proof copy of my book. I highly recommend this company to all authors. -Jamal St Clair
I heard about SelfPubCovers through a Facebook page called Writers' Soapbox. I was very impressed with the quality of covers available for such a reasonable price and found what I wanted very easily. I love the cover, which was easy to customize and will be back for more in future. I have recommended your site to other writers. - Mrs Paula Harmon
As a first time author I was lost in a sea of options for my cover. One night I stumbled upon SelfPubBookCovers.com and immediately knew it was exactly what I had been looking for. The selection, prices and ease of use are unparalleled. I am thrilled with my cover and will definitely use them in the future. -Dave Lemel
This is my second cover from selfpubbookcovers.com. I needed something suitable for a box set in a hurry, so I came over and found the perfect design in less time than I would have thought. When I had trouble making the purchase, I emailed, and Rob (the Creative Director) was so helpful to call me back and sort it out. It was the fault of neither of us, but it surely was comforting that he took the effort. I'm delighted with the service and the range of covers available. Thanks! - Marsha Ward
I love SelfPubBookCovers. Rob was especially helpful in working with the artist who designed my cover so that the sizing of the Christmas wreaths that I wanted on the gate for my latest novel, The Girl with the Golden Ribbon by Meg Anne Brighton was to my liking. I always buy my book covers from SelfPubBook Covers before I write my novel because it helps to inspire me. Rob is always available to help me if I need anything. I'm currently working on Book Two of The Meg Anne Brighton Brier Hill Series, Satan's Masquerade. I bought the cover months ago. I also purchased my cover for Book Three, The Ring. SelfPubBookCovers is easy, inexpensive, and has fantastic designers. My readers rave about my book covers! -Meg Anne Brighton
This is my second book I have published, and this was the one I had a very hard time getting a cover for. So many artists would say they wanted to do it, but they would never follow through. Finally an author friend of mine told me about purchasing pre-made covers, so I came to your site, typed in a few keywords in the search bar, and the perfect one came up. I am thrilled, and so far everybody involved in my work was very impressed at how well made it was. It was super easy and hassle free, and I am quite thankful for that. I will most likely be coming back when my third one is finished. -J. Theberge
Great cover and good people to deal with. You can even get them on the phone! - Larry De Maria
Fast service and thousands of covers to choose from at reasonable prices! - Larry De Maria
I’ve gotten custom and premade book covers in the past, but this was the first time I’d used SelfPubBookCovers.com and it won’t be the last. They have an outstanding collection of quality covers to choose from. My favorite feature is being able to experiment with font style, color, size and position of the copy before making my final decision. The prices are reasonable too. - Marci Wilcox
I came across "SelfpubBookCovers.com" through a post I read on "Kboards.com." I had been searching for covers for my first book, "Bi Shadow" and had little luck with some of the sites that typically come up when searching for an E-Book cover. I found that those sites were difficult to navigate and none offered me the flexibility to design the cover the way "SelfpubBookCovers.com" does. I can choose any cover and customize the text placement, color, style, size and extras that make it stand out, all without buying the cover. I can play around with multiple covers and styles. Seeing them that way is invaluable to me in determining which cover to ultimately choose and which can be converted to paperback. As a writer it keeps me writing as very little of my time is devoted to emailing back and forth with a cover artist. I can literally create several mockups in a matter of minutes, paying only for the one that I choose to purchase. I have just published my third book with a "SelfpubBookCovers.com" cover and intend to the great services they offer for most if not all my future projects. -Erick Cameron
I absolutely love Selfpubbookcovers.com. I just bought my fifth cover from them the other day. The artists are amazingly talented and the prices are great. I always feel like I'm presenting my books in a very eye catching way. As long as I keep writing they will be keeping my business. Thank you for all you do for indie authors and for helping us present our books in the best possible light. -Carrie Lowrance
This is my second purchase from SelfPubBookCovers and the cover I chose today is from FrinaArt which matches the first cover I bought from you/her. That cover was used on a novelette I have available for free on my website www.nadinedandorfauthor.com. I can't tell you how happy I've been with the quality of your covers, the service and the support. Your response time is awesome. The choices are endless and the customization couldn't be easier. The prices can't be beat either. While I had another company create the cover for another project, I came back to SelfPubBookCovers for my current one because of the range of cover ideas. I like looking at all the possibilities before I buy (or pissing anyone off because the cover isn't just quite hitting the mark). I found so many new cover ideas and was thrilled to find one that matched what I fell in love with first, not including several I saved to my Dashboard just in case. Thanks so much for bringing us so many talented artists. -Nadine Dandorf
I have nothing but praise for your ease of design, helpful staff and great covers. Thank you! Catherine M Byrne
The Wolves of War was published about a week ago with the cover bought from SelfPubBookCovers on it. I found this cover on your site and immediately fell in love with it and knew it would be the right cover for the book. You have a really great artist in Kim Dingwall. (SelfPubBookCovers.com/KimDingwall) -Greg Curtis
I really enjoyed using SelfPubBookCovers to find the perfect cover for my book. They have a large selection of quality covers at reasonable prices. My favorite feature was that I was able to edit the cover I was interested in to see if it was the right fit for my book before I even purchased it. Thank you so much for the service that you provide!!! - Heath Jannusch
I love the cover so much, I loved it as soon as I saw it on your site, knew it was perfect for my book which is a fast paced thriller. There are so many covers to choose from, they're all professional, and very easy to buy. I will definitely use your services again. Thank you. -Racheal Bloom
I have just published my novel "The Stringers" on Kindle using TheChunkyDesigner's art cover. I was looking for a great place to find professional book cover art for an affordable price and came across SelfPubBookCovers.com during a Google search. A quick glanced at the home page that showed an excellent selection to choose from. One of the site features I found very appealing is the ability to edit the book covers before and after purchasing them. The cover art I finally selected was exactly what I was looking for. I've already purchased cover art for other ebooks I plan to release in the future from the site, and would highly recommend it to other authors. Best, TJ Martinell

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