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Selfpub 6th year

Thank you to the many authors who have bought covers from our artists at SelfPubBookCovers.com!

We've been hearing from many authors that they have been buying covers for books in development.

Some have purchased covers that have stimulated ideas for future stories.

We heard from a few authors who have bought covers for their trilogies.

We've been hearing how authors love how easy it is to get a one-of-a-kind cover.


Please check out these wonderful books that have been published with SPBC book covers.
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Thanks again to all our talented artists

who are part of this ground breaking new way

for authors to get a professional cover they can customize themselves.

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Here are some of our Published Covers/Testimonials

Fraud & Fabrication is my debut novel, about the wealthy and eccentric Leighton family and their horse racing empire. It is a contemporary drama/romance centered around a fraud investigation with a twist of Munchausens. As soon as I saw this cover from selfpubbookcovers.com I knew it was perfect for the story. Customizing the cover design was extremely easy and in less than half an hour I had downloaded a ready to use ebook cover that I was pretty happy with. The next day I received an email from selfpubbookcovers.com informing me that the cover artist Shardel had made some suggestions to how I could improve the cover. I logged back in and took a look at her ideas. They were great and I've ended up with a cover I'm thrilled with. Five reasons why I used selfpubbookcovers.com; 1-Superb cover art. 2-Fantastic support. 3- Edit the cover as many times as you want. 4- The flexibility to purchase an ebook cover now and a print book cover later. 5-Value for money. I'll definitely be back for another cover for my next installment in this series! -- KD Forsman
When trying to publish your first book, there's A LOT of work you have to put into it if you want your book to be successful. One of those things you must acquire is a book cover that'll draw in your readers. If the book cover doesn't appeal to the potential reader and you have no track record, chances are you're not going to get many people to read your book. Your book cover is the first thing that draws in your potential reader. I stumbled upon Selfpubbookcovers randomly, and I am glad I did. It was feasible, the covers were of high quality, they were easy to work with as far as adding your Name and Title on the cover goes, and the customer service could NOT be any better (in case you have any questions or need help with creating the best possible book cover). I was so satisfied with my experience with Selfpubbookcovers that I actually purchased a second cover for a future novel. Thank you Rob. You and the rest at Selfpubbookscovers.com keep up the great work!
I have purchased several covers from Self Published Book Covers and continue to be amazed and pleased with the results. The selection of pre-made covers is vast and all feature beautiful graphics. Editing colors and fonts couldn't be simpler. I will continue to use your site for my upcoming books. Thank you for making cover purchases so easy!! ~ author Riley Simpson.
Daniela (http://www.selfpubbookcovers.com/Daniela) is one of the top book cover artists I love working with and I highly recommend her work to anyone! Liz Madrid
Spent many hours scouring the internet for a professional book cover and found SelfPubBookCovers.com. There are so many designs to look through, that making a decision was not easy. Very happy with the one I chose, in fact it was perfect. Have used SelfPubBookCovers.com before, for my first book, yet again the cover was perfect and just what I wanted. Reasonably priced, easy to add book title and down load. Have already chosen the cover for my third book. Love this site would highly recommend. ~Mira Tova
My husband and I struggled to find just the right cover for our first book, Faerie Moon. Then we stumbled upon SelfPubBookCovers.com and found the perfect cover-- a scene that could have been pulled directly from our book! The site offers a huge selection of covers at reasonable prices and it was incredibly easy to personalize the cover we selected. We'll be back for another cover when we finish our second book! -Francesca Tedesco, Matt Mark
SelfPubBookCovers.com are very easy to use. The design software makes the process simple and fast to use. The site is filled with many brilliant designs, that leave you spoiled for choices and you can even browse covers by each designer which saves time if you like the work of one specific artist. The entire process was simple and everything was easy to understand. I will be placing many more orders in the future. ~ Louise Lake.
Within one single week my ebook jumped into the top 3 of amazon erotica & historical novels in Germany. Among a good story the cover surely has had its significant effort to this success. Therefore I'd like to thank selfpubbookcovers.com very much for the wonderful artwork. As it was my 4th cover I bought for my book projects it definitely wasn't my last one! - Amelie Duval
I stumbled upon SelfPubBookCovers.com and was quite surprised at the range of covers offered to authors. I definitely liked that the covers were unique because I didn't want any other book to have the same cover as mine. While I've seen covers on a couple of books that share some of the same cover models appearing at SelfPubBookCovers.com, no covers were identical. I will definitely come back to the site again and again; sometimes I come here just to find inspiration for a future story. -Norma Budden
Not only is your selfpubbookcovers.com site easy to use, the artists are wonderful! I'm not even sure who wrote back to me on twitter, but after I posted my newest cover, they suggested I get back on your site and put my name down underneath the title, which I did...and now I like it even better!​ -Sharon Ricklin Jones. Thanks for the kind words Sharon! Authors, as Sharon has mentioned, you can change the customization of your cover at any time- at no additional charge!- Rob, Co-founder.
I would love to thank everyone at SelfPubBookCovers.com for working so hard to make my experience so effortless. A special thank you to Rob, Creative Director, and Co-founder of SPBC for his constant contact through this process. Kudos to Daniela (www.selfpubbookcovers.com/daniela) for her beautiful artwork and attention to every detail. Without everyone’s insight I do not feel this book or any of my future books would have such an eye grabbing, pull me in look. Thank you once again with high recommendations. ~E.T. Rhea
Love my new cover.  I have tweeted it our for all to see.  I highly recommend SelfPubBookCovers! Thanks so much, Stevie MacFarlane
I was thrilled when I found the website for the self-published covers. I've bought many so far, though Dair's Risk is the first published right now. It's such a great website to use, very user friendly. I like that it allows payment through Paypal as well. I was able to find perfect covers, and even had one artist give me suggestions that were much better than what I'd created with their cover art. Thank you so much for such a great place to create wonderful covers! Carah Guiliano w/a CR Guiliano
This is the second book cover I’ve purchased from SelfPubBookCovers.com and I’m thrilled with how it turned out. This one is for the sequel to my YA fantasy novel. It’s fun going through the site and looking for just the right cover design. There are so many to choose from that it’s hard to select just one. In the end, I chose another gorgeous design from the artist diversepixel (SelfPubBookCovers.com/diversepixel). If any authors are worried that the process will be difficult or will take a lot of time, I advise them to stop worrying. It’s simple and quick to get the cover of your dreams. Thanks again! Kim Osborn Sullivan
I wanted to say that SelfPubBookCovers is an amazing website with an immense amount of covers to choose from. Some of the artists have created such beautiful covers that I found it hard to choose! With amazing prices, who can go wrong? I love SelfPubBookCovers! -Samantha Victoria
"I love this site. On my first venture into self-publishing I discovered SelfPubBookCovers.com  and wow, am I glad I did. Since then, I've purchased three covers for my urban fantasy Bitter Creek Holler series and another cover for my stand alone erotic historical western, Cur. -Gem Savad
Another wonderful book with a SelfPubBookCovers.com cover!- Gem Savad
This was my second cover purchase from SelfPubBookCovers.com. I will be using them for all my covers going forward. Downloading and customizing was so easy. Even a novice like me could do it. And knowing support was just a phone call away was a bonus. ~Rebekah Shelton
I want to thank you for your help and support in in selecting and designing my cover and back over for my new fictional novel Due Diligence. The selection of covers available you offer are tremendous. Secondly, the ease of use is second to none. As you know, I already bought my second cover for a work in progress. Sincerely, Owen Parr
SelfPubBookCovers provides a broad selection of splendid book covers, often stronger covers than those you find in a regular book shop. There is no better website for authors who want to control their own book covers.- Johan Fundin

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