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We've been hearing from many authors that they have been buying covers for books in development.

Some have purchased covers that have stimulated ideas for future stories.

We heard from a few authors who have bought covers for their trilogies.

We've been hearing how authors love how easy it is to get a one-of-a-kind cover.


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Here are some of our Published Covers/Testimonials

Your website was so easy to use. I will be using SelfPubBookCovers for my next story. Thank you! -Laura Evans Coombs
I bought this cover last year and still love it (as do others who see it). Here’s a link to a review from The Wishing Shelf Book Awards where the book won a red ribbon (basically an honorable mention) last year. -Laurel Heidtman
This is the second time I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Creative Director Rob and I live in France, but the distance and time zone difference are not a hindrance. Not only does Rob and his graphic artists know what you need, but they do it fast. They listen carefully and reply in record time with designs that are in tune with your brief. Their flexibility and professional guidance make self-publishing smooth and easy. I shall recommend them with all my heart. Cheers - Uri Sluckin
My cover has been complemented by everyone who has seen it. The print version has already sold many copies to people being drawn in by the beautiful art (from mystic). It was not only fun to look at potential cover illustrations, but also affordable and easy to use. There were two downloads for both a higher definition print version and an ebook version. I love it. I would use again and highly recommend their service. Cheers, Christina St Clair
I have used several times for my covers. I absolutely find their covers to be easy to format and the selection is most impressive. Also if you are unable to find what you need, you may phone them and they will work with your ideas. Please give them a try. I will continue to use them after having done so for at least three other times. LINDA HEAVNER GERALD
The beautiful covers I've purchased from have become as much of a trademark as the actual Vampire of Manhattan series. Buying them is simple; finishing the design is simple; downloading everything is simple. Then I end up with a wowser of a cover, and that's it! ~Linda Tiernan Kepner,
The cover art supplied by SelfPubBookCovers was a perfect fit for the mood and main characters of this book. Thanks! ~Nowick Gray
I am so happy I discovered SelfpPubBookCovers. The site was very easy to navigate, the price was very reasonable, and I love the cover I chose. This is my first self published book and I am thrilled with the cover. I highly recommend this site! Shelley Lerea
Thank you so much for a great cover. Amazing and fast service. Looking forward buying another one for my next book that is in progress. Enjoyed working with you. Thanks a lot you helped me fulfill my dream. -Talia Sallem
I loved using SelfPubBookCovers. Their selection was enormous, and I easily found a beautiful cover for my novel. Fixing my cover to include my title and author name was a breeze too and I am constantly complimented on it. I know that it has absolutely pulled in new readers for me. I'd recommend this site to any author looking for fairly priced amazing book covers. - Heather MacKinnon
I absolutely love the selections of covers available; I found just what I was looking for! ~ Kyrja, author of the “Firebird’s Daughter” series
Finding just the right cover to express the story within the pages was difficult only because there were so many that were perfect to choose from! ~ Kyrja, author of the “Firebird’s Daughter” series
I was delighted to find how easy it was use the Customize Me Now feature to create exactly the book cover I wanted. This is the third time I’ve used, and I can’t wait to use them again! ~ Kyrja, author of the “Firebird’s Daughter” series
I found through a google search. Their selection is astounding as is the quality and talent of the artists. I have purchased two covers and am so happy with both of them. I had a little trouble downloading one and contacted them directly. Rob, the Creative Director and Cofounder quickly resolved my problem (which I'm pretty sure it was on my end and he was kind enough to not point that out!) and offered his expertise with the design of my cover. I absolutely recommend and will definitely use them in the future. -Karen Richardson
Using SelfPubBookCovers was a great experience. The selection was enormous and there were many beautiful covers. Being able to see my book title and name on the cover before buying made it easy to see which cover was the best fit for my book. Not breaking the bank is an added bonus. ~ Patricia Josephine and Chrys Fey --------------- Amazon: Smashwords: B&N: Kobo: iTunes:
SelfPubBookCovers saved my bacon! I was working with a graphic designer for 6 months and they could never get my cover right. I thought I’d have to settle for this less-than-optimal cover… but then found SelfPubBookCovers. An hour or so of browsing and I found the perfect cover. The staff were super helpful… oh, and the price was a tiny fraction of what I would have paid. :) Moreover, they set me up with a full cover for the print edition of my novel and an audio book cover (all also reasonably priced). They even worked with me to get a cover for my upcoming sequel! Quick. Easy. Inexpensive. How do they do it? I really don’t know. But I do know I’ll be coming back! —Eric Nylund, New York Times bestselling auhtor has helped me with three of the four covers for The Jester King Fantasy Series - all due out in 2017! Two of which are now available today for pre-order. I don't think I could have reached my goals without their help. A great selection of images and being able to play around with the text on my covers helped me discover a look I really liked and set the template for the whole series. I will definitely be coming back! Thanks, K. C. Herbel
This is the first cover I purchased from and if definitely won't be my last. I really liked purchasing the graphic that I wanted and being able to add my own title and author name and making any changes I needed to on my own. Made the whole experience less stressful then having to wait for a designer to get back to me with changes, and charging for those changes, when I could do it myself. Price was very reasonable, too! I wish more book cover design sites were more like this one! -Tory Richards - erotic romance author
Travess Blood: A western novel of love and revenge by Quinn Larson, is now available on Amazon with a beautiful cover by, who also created the cover for my next book. I love browsing through all the covers on your website--so many choices and great prices. Thanks so much for your service! - Quinn Larson
This is the third cover I have purchased from Self-PubBookCovers. All three had wonderful reviews. This one for The Relentless American is the best. Rob and his staff are most helpful making suggestions, answering questions, and requesting alterations to the original artwork. Lori, the artist for this cover did a terrific job. Thanks to the beautiful cover books sales are doing well. -Sarina Rose

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