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We've been hearing from many authors that they have been buying covers for books in development.

Some have purchased covers that have stimulated ideas for future stories.

We heard from a few authors who have bought covers for their trilogies.

We've been hearing how authors love how easy it is to get a one-of-a-kind cover.


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Here are some of our Published Covers/Testimonials

I was thrilled to find SelfPubBookCovers! I was able to find the perfect cover for my book and it was fun, exciting, and easy. I had a great experience with customer service as well, as I needed an audio book cover made. They also resized my cover to fit my needs at no extra charge. -Amrita Grace
My third cover from, and I couldn't be more pleased. No stress over the perfect cover or if it will print properly on Createspace. Rob and his staff are incredibly professional and easy to work with. He allows me to focus on my writing while purchasing a quality, eye popping cover. Cue Stick, a romance novel centered around the love of a game that both the heroine and the hero share. Check out the cover. It says it all. Feel comfortable dealing with this site for covers, because you can't go wrong. The toughest part is choosing the best one from the wide selection they offer. -Tea DeLuca
Thank you very much for this book cover by RLSather. She is a very talented cover designer who made my inner vision of a Celtic goddess a reality! I am so glad to have visited your website in search of such a unique and exciting cover design. I plan on purchasing additional designs in the near future. -Laura Gail Sweeney,
I found to have a large variety of covers from which to choose from and when I found the right one, it was a no-brainer. In fact I was complimented by a staff member on Createspace. I wish I had used them for another book I published a number of years ago. Bev Van Horn
This is the second cover I've purchased from SelfPubBookCovers and I'll be back again. I was able to quickly find the perfect cover for my new book and easily edit it to fit my personal needs. I'll definitely be coming back to purchase more covers in the future! Thanks! -Heather MacKinnon
My thanks to and your many talented artists. With such a wide range of options to choose from, I was able to not only find my perfect book cover, but also more inspiration for writing! (Art does beget art.) The site is easy to use and I haven't experienced any issues. The tools to add a title and author name help with the positioning of the text and also provided some professional fonts. Thank you for keeping my cover on my dashboard for future needs, that certainly provides peace of mind. I was made aware of from my e-book publisher,, and highly recommend to all indie authors considering self-publishing. A quality book cover really does make the book the standout and this is where they are to be found. Truce or Consequences is my second book with a cover from and I certainly hope for more in near future. Sincerely, Kelly Lopushansky
My experience with SelfPubBookCovers was amazing. This is my first time using them and I will definitely use the same designer for the next book in the series. Cover Design by: Thanks, C. A. Kinnee
I spotted your website in my friend's new book and came to the site. I was pleased with the book covers and the prices. I was especially pleased when I found one for the last book in my Darcy and Elizabeth Series. It was the ideal cover. They have just married and are going on their honeymoon trip to Ireland. And they are traveling on their clipper ship. The cover is a romantic one with warm colors and a ship which made it perfect. I had to have it and am delighted with the way it turned out. Gianna Thoma
I found a terrific book cover, with ultra cool, optional features to customize it. Turned out better than I imagined. -Victor Baptiste
I am very pleased with Self Pub Book Covers! They make it incredibly easy to find and purchase real covers, made by real artists. I love being able to support an artist by using their work for my covers. I have purchased a few different covers from them, and I am very pleased every time. In addition to being convenient, the sales team is always professional and polite whenever I call with questions or concerns. They handle them right away with a sincere attitude to give everyone the best experience possible. -Dylan Nelson
I was nervous about using a service I hadn't heard about before, but I'm glad I did. The covers aren't pricey, and they look fantastic. I've found it easy to use, and as of today, I have bought four covers. I plan on using SelfPubBookCovers in the future. Thank you, Lily Thomas
WOW- yet another cover from Self Pub Book Covers! This marks number SEVEN and I have been very happy every time! Great work and easy to use. Thanks Rebecca! ( -Michael Dirubio
I love the wide selection of book covers that SelfPubBookCover offers. I have four books, each of the covers came from this amazing site. I plan to use them again in the future. - Sheila L. Jackson
My experience with SelfPubBookCovers has been fantastic! As a brand new indie author with a small budget for publishing, I truly needed to find a way to get noticed. And through SelfPubBookCovers not only did I find the perfect cover, but it was easy, there was thousands to choose from, and it has set my novel apart from the rest and has featured inside the top 50 paid horror novels on Amazon! Thanks guys!! -David Carter
I have received so many compliments on the cover I purchased from SelfPubBookCovers. The artwork is superb, the price was very reasonable, and the customizing and downloading process was very easy. I was very impressed with your enormous catalog of covers. I especially love being able to go back and make changes and download the cover as many times as I need to. I have already purchased three covers from you, and I can't imagine looking anywhere else. Thank you so much! -Elle Danielson
The cover displays the beauty of the character I wanted to display in my book. When friends have gone to see it, I get exceptional compliments on the cover. At first I was not happy with the price, but now that I see my book, it was so worth it! My compliments to the artist! - Linda Mayo
I found the customer service ready and willing to help. The response was very prompt. The cover was beautiful. And when I asked for it to be modified for two more books in the series it was delivered with ease. ~J.J. Sorel
I have to date bought 6 book covers from SelfPubBookCovers and it is now my 'go to'place when I am ready to publish. Such a variety to choose from, as well as excellent quality and value for money. I am sure I will continue to use them for my future needs. Highly recommended. S P Oldham
Several months ago I was finishing my 4th novel and desperately needed a cover...I began scrolling through SelfPubBookCovers art and found a striking painting by Shardel.....I quickly ordered it just in the Nick of time...and after Rob contacted Shardel some modifications were soon in place....My stunning cover was ready before the last round of editing to the book....I am very pleased with this riveting cover and so far people that read the book say the story-line and overall concept do the cover justice. -Jim Branger
I first heard about SelfPubBookCovers a few years ago and this year I decided to give them a try. I needed a motivational nonfiction book cover but it needed to appeal to the masses without being religious. I spent hours window shopping through the huge selection on the website but when I spotted this one, it was perfect. The designing of the book cover was super easy to navigate and I highly recommend authors use this website for all their book cover needs. It's like I always say, authors helping authors succeed is the way to go. Thank you so much for the beautiful book cover and the support. I will be returning for my next book. -N. N. Light, Award-Winning Husband-Wife Writing Team spreading love, romance and light one story at a time. Winner of the 2017 IAN Book of the Year - Poetry Finalist Award

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