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We've been hearing from many authors that they have been buying covers for books in development.

Some have purchased covers that have stimulated ideas for future stories.

We heard from a few authors who have bought covers for their trilogies.

We've been hearing how authors love how easy it is to get a one-of-a-kind cover.


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Here are some of our Published Covers/Testimonials

I purchased one of your fabulous book cover illustrations by JohnBellArt over a year ago when I came across it, knowing full well it was to become the look for my future book that s intended to aid the world in its growth. The book has since been released on Amazon, as of last week. I wanted to extend my gratitude for providing us authors your wonderful imagery and let you know what a fabulous illustrator you are. So glad to credit you on "A Seamless World." ~ Timothy
I have found my second great book cover from This site is wonderful and has so many talented artists. The cover had just what I was looking for and will definitely be scanning the covers for my next novel! ~ Laurie Cook
SelfPubBookCovers was the perfect service for the cover of my second Hank Anderson Thriller. RLSlather is a star! Her artwork was compelling and beautiful. The text setup for the front and back covers was excellent. The spine reaches out and grabs bookstore browsers. The system for purchasing and loading my cover was simple and easy. Looking ahead to Book 3, I will be using your service again. Thanks! ~ Raymond Parish
You probably get dozens of messages like this, so I will add to the pile. Received my proof copy of The Paradise Knights. I am beyond thrilled. Totally exceeded my expectations. The job the artist has done is superb and your service has been impeccable. Thank you. Best regards ~ Stephen Mark
I thought I would let you know that the cover I purchased last year won second place for cover design with the prestigious Firebird Literary Awards. The book also one 1st place in the LGBT category for literary excellence. Morgan Elliot
I just published my first book. Although I’m one who typically wants to do everything myself, I realized I needed to let a professional do the cover art to have the best chance of getting on the bookstore shelves. SelfPubBookCovers did an amazing job in a short time. I had a couple small issues, (due mostly to my inexperience), but their customer service responded quickly and promptly. I will definitely use SelfPubBookCovers for my next book. ~Jeff Foster
I purchased a cover from SelfPubBookCovers and I have to say, the entire process from start to finish was straight-forward and completely stress-free. Any explanations given were thorough and left me without any concerns. The artist provided a wonderful layout for me and I appreciated the advice about design that was given as well, which was the opposite of what I might have done myself – and for the better! I love my final product and I would definitely use this site, or the specific artist (Island) again in a heartbeat, and will recommend anywhere I can. Thank you for the satisfying experience and all the effort that was put in. ~T.C. Blyth
SelfPubBookCovers is a great site for authors who wish to obtain affordable great covers for their books. This site offers great flexibility in positioning and formatting Title /Author text over the numerous cover images that they offer. I love the fact that you can use fonts with glow effect to personally customize your cover on top of the artists rendition. If you cannot find an image you want you can request a custom cover, and they will put out a request for an artist to do the custom work. I also love the fact that you can change the text and text effects any number of times AFTER you have purchased and downloaded a cover. In summary, this is a great site that offers great flexibility with title font effects and offering a huge amount of Pre-made covers. Highly recommend it. ~Charles Dante
I have used the artwork of the artist Abeautifulmess for the cover for my first book, Wildwoods: Grief. A lot of people have commented on the cover of my book - it has caught their attention. I feel very lucky to have found this cover as it expresses wonderfully well what my book is about. Thank you and kind regards, Freya Fairwood
I have received so many compliments on my book cover. SelfPubBookCovers has a great variety to choose from and I can't wait to use the again!! ~Sherry Valdez
My cover is a perfect match for a story about a race known as fire bloods in my larger Fabled Quest Chronicles series! ~ Austin Dragon
This my eighth book cover from SelfPubBookCovers - and I will soon be purchasing my ninth. Could not be happier with the selection and how easy it is to create my personal cover using the art provided. My covers have won awards and been well received by my fans. Wonderful experience. ~Gerald Darnell
Thank you so much SelfPubBookCovers for providing me with a stress free way to get a professional quality, stand-out book cover for my new book "Seen By The Hunter." The entire process was simple to achieve, from adding my title details to the cover, to the payment and download steps. The cover files I received are of great quality and have worked perfectly with several different epub creation programs I have tried, as well as when uploading the files onto Ingram Sparks Book Builder program and my own websites. I will definitely be buying my next cover here! ~Cherie Sim
Once again SelfPubBookcovers has helped me to visualize my hard work! They have assisted me with ten of my previous covers but I have to say I love, LOVE RLSather’s work with this one! ~Kay Brooks
My beautiful book is now for sale on Amazon. The cover is amazing, and you guys did a great job! Everyone comments on the cover. If I'm fortunate enough to write another book, I will definitely purchase from Self-Pub Book Covers. Thanks again for all your help. ~Monica Lawrence Henry
I was extremely pleased with my experience using! I am currently in the process of editing my second book and I will definitely be using their services again. Thank you for the professional-quality service! ~Nicholas Peters
Just published my first book and SelfPubBookCovers helped make it possible with their ready-made book covers! So many to choose from. Originally I thought I may have to have one specially designed but when I went back there were many more to choose from so I was able to find what I needed. Already have several ideas for the next book which is halfway to completion. ~Charley
I love the selection of covers that provides! When I went to the website to find a cover that I felt would reasonably fit the setting, theme, and main character of my book, I was thrilled to see an illustration that succeeded my expectation. It was perfect--as if I had commissioned an artist to produce a cover specifically based on my novel. I can also vouch for the friendliness and helpful nature of their customer support team. Thank you, SelfPubBookCovers! ~Kathy Madsen
Rob (the Creative Director) is wonderful. He took great care of me and patiently walked me through everything. I gave him an idea of the cover I had in mind, and his artist came back with a fantastic cover far above my expectations. I have nothing but good things to say about this company. ~Melanie Richardson Dundy
Very easy to use and the selection was tremendous. The only thing that made it take so long to pick was all the options. I can't believe I found something that was basically a scene directly out of the book with both of my main characters. I am very pleased with the service and would recommend to any self-publisher. SelfPubBookCovers was an awesome service and its been a big part of my early (reasonable) success. ~Burkley Orion Smith

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