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Thank you to the many authors who have bought covers from our artists at!

We've been hearing from many authors that they have been buying covers for books in development.

Some have purchased covers that have stimulated ideas for future stories.

We heard from a few authors who have bought covers for their trilogies.

We've been hearing how authors love how easy it is to get a one-of-a-kind cover.


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Here are some of our Published Covers/Testimonials

This is Jonathan T. Baxter's second book that features a one-of-a-kind book cover! Thanks again for your kind words~ Rob
My book cover for Forever, I Promise was my third cover purchased from I am very happy with the many covers they have to offer, along with the excellent service and fast response to any questions or problems - often any day of the week. My thanks also goes to Lori, my artist @ for the beautiful book cover for my novel. ~ Charliann Roberts ~
I love my awesome cover from SelfPubBookCovers! This is my second cover from SelfPubBookCovers. It's so easy, and the customer service is the best I've ever had. Thanks!- Jeana E. Mann
Honestly I have to say I had an excellent experience shopping on I shopped around on many different sites for weeks. The other sites were confusing and offered very little selection. I will be back to shop again for my next novel cover soon! Thank you! ~Sarah Elizabeth Taylor
Font selection and the ability to create title and author name on SelfPubBookCovers is fantastic. I have received positive feedback on both covers purchased through SelfPubBookCovers. When the time comes to shop for another cover, SelfPubBookCovers is the first place I will look - Casper Parks.
I was looking for a new cover for Saved by the Trickster, and when I saw this one I knew it would be perfect. Since then I’ve gone on to buy several other covers. - Shona Husk
Here's another great book by Casper Parks featuring a cover!
Publishing my 2 books (This one and the one shown below) using made the process so much smoother. When I published my first book 14 years ago, it was certainly not this easy. The staff and artist were so knowledgeable and helpful with the process. They made this a dream project. I highly recommend They have so many covers to choose from...I am trying to think of another book idea just to have a reason to purchase another cover...they really do boost creativity! To Rob, Shoshanna, and the rest of the staff and artists. Thank you so much for the time and patience you showed me from beginning to end. You guys are truly a creative crew. Blessings! ~ Abby Gail Smith
I cannot exaggerate the ease and helpfulness I received from you and your artist. Everyone I have shown the book to remark how much they loved the cover. One even said she would buy the book just because of the cover. ~Albert Palmer
Another book by Abby Gail Smith!
The variety of book covers allowed me to find a cover that matches perfectly with my story. This is a great service for any author looking for quality covers and great designs. - Darryl Carlisle
Firstly a HUGE thank you for all your help with my new book cover. Couldn't have done it without you! SelfPubBookCovers! Such a great site for Indie authors like myself. The choice is sensational and the support is second to none. Plus of course 'value for money' Always important when you self publish and I would highly recommend your site to all Indie authors. -Barry Cole
My experience with has been very positive every time. They are very professional and quick to respond. Plus, they were willing and able to help me without making me feel like a bother. Check them out, they've got tons of covers ready just for you! Thanks to the artist RLSather and SelfPubBookCovers for this great cover! ~A. D. Ellis
Initially I had browsed the internet for weeks looking at different options for Cover Design. I even read some books on the subject. The Cover an important final touch for my book. Then “” showed up in an internet search. I found many covers that would work! Their online Cover Maker is Easy to use and on occasion when I required extra assistance. Their staff is professional, knowledgeable and helpful! I have purchased several covers since my first experience with this wonderful company. They are truly a life saver for new writers. I am very proud of this book but look at that Cover! - Travis Pearson
I have two new covers from! (this one shown and the one below) I can’t believe how easy it was to use their website! I chose one cover that readily available and easily tailored it to suit my book. But I did not find one that I felt was appropriate for my other book, so I gave a description of the elements I wanted the cover to portray. They hooked me up with one of their talented artists who not only delivered the goods, but made a suggestion on the final copy which I loved. This is the only place to have to ever go for a book cover. - Anthony Mays
Hi, I wanted to thank you guys for all of your help. I'm an Indie author who recently released my second book and the covers from your site brought out the story in me! I love to take a whole day and just browse all the beautiful covers, making them mine, and then going back to look for more! You make it easy to search, and have so many one of a kinds that I never feel like I'm settling. I'll be purchasing another book cover for my trilogy soon, and I've already saved a few that I'm interested in! Thank you! Callie Kenney is an Indie Author’s dream. There were so many great book covers I had a hard time choosing. In fact, not only did I find a great cover for my latest release, but I’ve already purchased a cover for my next two books for release in 2015. In the words of The Terminator…I’ll be back!-Author K.F. Johnson
These are my THREE beautiful new book covers from When I decided to change and update the covers for my “True Cover” series, I checked your site and found exactly what I wanted for all three books. Two of them were by RL Sather, and one of them was by Shardel. I love them all! Thank you so much for providing attractive, professionally created covers at reasonable prices! ~ Ruth Kyser, Author Facebook page: Website:
Your site made designing a book cover simple and quick.- Kethric Wilcox

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