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Here are some of our Published Covers/Testimonials

When I first saw this cover, I couldn't leave the site without buying it. The design was wonderful and even the cover model conveyed the essence of a character I had created in my story. The cover drew me in completely, ruling out other beautiful covers I had been debating. I've enjoyed each experience I've had when visiting this site and expect to buy future covers. - Norma Budden
My recent publication and another due out soon both have covers, including spine and back cover for paperback editions, created by artists at I am impressed by the range of available covers, there are many I like and would love to have but regrettably they would not fit the story being told. What is even more exciting is how easy their system for adding title, tag and author name is to use. I am a complete novice at all this but found I could create just what I wanted. As a first timer and definitely not a savvy computer geek I had several questions, which their staff answered clearly, readily, patiently and in a very friendly manner. I really am looking forward to working together with them on future covers. My book, which is the first in a series, Tears of Innocence is available from Amazon in paperback and as an e-book. ~ T. R. Robinson
The first cover I bought for this title grabbed my attention because it would have gone beautifully with the other covers in my series. However, try as I might, there was no opening for me to write a scene to make the book cover fit the book, as I thought I might be able to do when I first bought the cover. That being said, I know I will have a story worthy of that particular cover at a later date. When I saw this cover, it stood out - but I kept browsing in case I might find another that would stand out to me equally. In the end, I had debated between five covers and this one became the winner. It is softer in tone than two of the previous books in my series but the series has taken on a gentler tone so it works beautifully. I've already bought the cover for the next title in my series and I look forward to its release. Self Pub Book Covers is the first site I visit when seeking a book cover. Sometimes I even visit when I want inspiration for future stories. -Norma Budden
Thanks for the great book cover I was able to buy off your website. Your selection and ease of use made your website by far the best option for my self-publishing needs. The cover matched perfectly with a concept and an actual scene from my book Dutiful Soldier, the first volume of The Warring Earth. ~ Chris M. Rigdon
This was my first time buying a book cover from your website and you made it as easy as possible! I love all the different selections available and the high qualities. Definitely buying from you again. Thanks! Jaliza Burwell
“Beautiful cover!” That was one of the very first comments I received on social media after announcing that I had published my book. It’s all thanks to you guys! Easy-to-use design options and great customer support, thanks again. ~Erin Ebanks
I just published my first book, From Anger To Enlightenment, A Survivor's Story of Faith. It took two years to write, edit, and publish. About six months ago I began thinking about a cover design. I met with several graphic artists, each of which proposed their custom covers at about $2,500. Then I did an internet search for book covers and found several sites, including, that offered Pre-made Book Covers. I spent the next week looking through thousands of covers, hoping to find an ideal fit for my book. I had about a dozen possible choices until I found this OUTSTANDING cover on your website! The book is now available on amazon and the link is . Also, please visit my awesome website at Thank you again for an amazing product and excellent customer service, including your own personal involvement. ps I am sending you a copy of the paperback under separate cover. Warm Regards, Robert Palasciano AJS Publishing
As anyone who has visited those sites showcasing bad DIY book covers can tell you, there are a lot of truly awful and bizarre covers out there, and contrary to the old adage, people will judge your book by its cover. offers one of the best and most affordable options for authors who need something that is competently composed and, most importantly, looks like an actual book cover that you might see on a bookstore shelf. Though it skews towards Romance, Selfpub's wide and ever changing selection means that you're bound to find something that works for you. Their design app is simple enough to use that anyone can create a custom cover but has enough features that it doesn't look like someone just slapped text on the picture in Paint. I've been complimented a number of times on the quality of the cover art for City at the Top of the World. "It looks like a real book!" Well, yeah, because it is a real book. But it just shows how much having a good cover can help. -P. Alexander
The original art work and the suggestions made by FrinaArt for the cover of my ebook, “Deadly Vacation” were excellent! The first impression a potential reader has, is always created by the cover. The cover is a perfect match for my story. Thank you, again, for this most exciting cover. -Penelope Middleton
I purchased my first book cover from you guys, and I'm looking forward to working with you in the future. The process was very easy and simple and the covers are absolutely amazing. -Valenciya Lyons
I am so happy I stumbled upon this great site. They truly know how to service a self published author the cover is the key. You can write the best book in the world but without a solid cover you are wasting your time and I found an awesome cover indeed. I saw it and it spoke to me. So very beautiful and compelling. It was as if the artist designed this cover just for me it enforced the message of my book and I knew I had to get it. It was such an easy process too. You see what you want and purchase it. You can decide to add the fonts yourself on the website or outsource it to a graphics designer. I loved the flexibility of that because I'm such a novice but wanted the perfect cover none the less. I also spoke to Rob the Co-Founder of this site and emailed him a couple of times with questions I had and he was always very cordial, swiftly responsive and immensely helpful to me. I love this website and I love the customer service I receive on here. I will definitely be back again. Thank you so much! ~ Bella Alex-Nosagie
I ordered covers for ebook, print, and audiobook formats. All of them exceeded my expectations. The crew at was easy to work with and the whole process was smooth and timely. Highly recommended. ~ Mike Dennis, Publisher, Open Water Publishing. is a great place for indie authors to get a professionally designed and effective book cover. They are friendly and easy to work with, and the cost of their covers is more than reasonable. I should have two more books published within the next 10 months and will be getting the covers for both of them from I see no reason to look elsewhere as their thousands of covers offer enough variety and quality to satisfy the needs and expectations of even the most discerning author. I cannot recommend them highly enough. ~Alex DeVerille
This is the second time that I've purchased a book cover from you guys and I am very pleased. The cover itself was one of a kind and beautiful. Look forward to doing business with you again. ~Valenciya
As a personal challenge, I set myself the goal of going from book concept to book publication with a short volume of ten quality poems in as short a time span as possible. Beginning writing very early Saturday morning, editing overnight, I was pressing publish on Sunday afternoon, via a very easy visit to your site to find the perfect cover. My book of poems for Hallowe'en is now available in time for a spooky poetry performance I will be appearing at, at the end of October. Thank you SelfPubBookCovers and artist CherylCCR! ~Damon Lord
I recently purchased a cover with SelfPubBookCovers and am very happy with how it turned out. It was very easy to use and SelfPubBookCover has a great selection. - The Blackstar Hour
I was so happy to discover that was out there. I found the perfect artwork for my book. It was easy to personalize for my story and everyone I have spoken to absolutely loves it! They tell me it immediately caught their attention, which is critical for attracting potential purchasers among a sea of other great books. ~T.E.Correl
First and foremost I would like to say thank you. Having gone the route of traditional publishing for many years I wasn’t quite sure what to expect once the decision was made to become independently published. I found your site through a recommendation listed in the Smashwords literature and after taking a little time to peruse through the wide selection of covers you have to offer I decided your site was the answer to a major concern. Namely finding professionally produced and inspiring book covers. Not only that, during a couple of follow up telephone conversations with Rob and a few emails you not only meet, but also exceeded my expectations. I would certainly recommend your business and from personal experience I know you are willing to go that extra mile to strive for excellence and provide great customer service. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. ~Jonathan T. Baxter
I found the perfect cover for my historical novel set during the Dust Bowl. Rob was so easy to work with, which I appreciated especially since my technical skills are not my strong suite. He and DanDantheArtMan who designed the cover did everything I asked within the time frame they said they would meet. Inherit the Texas Earth looks great! I couldn't have asked for more. -Vicki Schoen
Thank you for the great service and the ease of using your website. Will definitely use it again. Best wishes, AnneMarie Brear

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