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I must thank for the new cover of my e-short Comes a Pale Horse. --Allison M. Azulay
My experience with SelfPubBookCovers was awesome. Not only was I able to add my book info to a pre-made cover to my liking on the spot, they were also fast, efficient, and very professional in designing my back cover. I was told it would take 5-7 days, but it was complete and emailed to me within two business days. This company is definitely my go to when it comes to my covers. ~ Qiana Rae features a large collection of artists providing top quality, one-of-a-kind book covers at great prices. You can easily find the right cover for your new novel, or maybe you'll come across the cover that inspires you to write your next one. I love how fast and easy it is to get that perfect cover for my novels. No matter what your needs are, you'll find it at — Linus Locke
I found that dealing with was a lot easier than I expected. The selection available seemed to cover many genres, and I found a suitable cover for my book with ease. Then came the bit that frightened me, title etc. The customization feature provided made it professional, and I was able to increase the font size, move around the cover and make it look fantastic. On the whole, an enjoyable experience, Thanks Janice Gallen
I really appreciate the individual attention from the professionals at From the vast array of initial images from which to "shop" from, to the artist's suggestions for the graphics (imperative in my case), to the feedback and suggestions on the files. I have received so many compliments from my readers already on how professional and polished the cover looks. Although we are not supposed to "judge a book by its cover", it happens and I can rest easy knowing my cover is the best it can be. My future book cover is going to come from Vesteen L. Blackman, author of The Age of Elijah
After I completed my book, I searched very long for the appropriate cover to display what I was trying to get across in my book. When I saw the cover by Daniela, I instantly knew it was the one for me. I have received so much positive feedback on my book and it definitely starts with that awesome cover. I don't think I could have found a better cover. I am so pleased that I found your website! Best Regards, Pamela
I just published my seventh book through CreateSapce on Amazon with another amazing cover from! This cover was by cover artist Magaticadesign. I absolutely loved this cover the moment I saw it and knew it was perfect for my book, “Town Darling”. The woman on the cover expressed the turmoil my main woman went through while retaining the toughness of the character. (The guys where I work are drooling over the woman) I went with a back cover/spine for the paperback version, and the artist did a terrific job on the back cover as well. Their artists have a unique way of creating the back covers, giving each book their own feel. With all the amazing covers available on, it’s difficult to choose just one. Their site allows you to create your cover and save it while you decide (providing another author doesn’t buy it before you get back to it). I’m currently staring at five different covers for one of my books while attempting to choose just one. Interestingly enough, they’re from five different artists. I’ve been approached (probably like most authors) on twitter by cover artists who offer to do custom covers. Problem is, I don’t really know what I want until I see it, and with custom covers, you don’t see it until you’re already committed to it. I’d rather browse the thousands of covers already on If my perfect cover isn’t there today, there’s a good chance it’ll be there tomorrow. Holly Copella.
I'd already authored several books when I discovered the talents of RavenandBlack on I've gotten so many compliments on the sleek cover design! I'm sold! I will be returning to purchase additional covers for my work. Thanks for offering a product that allows the author creative control at a great price! A special thanks to for the great cover design! ~Cass MacAdams is so easy to work with! I designed my cover in under an hour! Then they were so understanding when I goofed up giving credits to the artist. (Shardel did a great job). Will definitely use them for my next book! -Kay Brooks
Purchasing and personalizing my cover from was so easy and user-friendly. The vast number of covers to choose from is amazing and I look forward to using them again! - Wendi L. Wilson
Thank YOU for making the work of so many talented artists available to me! ~ Geraldine Evans
I love writing but always worried about my covers. I am creative with words but not with graphics. So, I googled book covers and found One of the best things I have done for my writing career. Not only did I find a cover for my new book but a makeover for my first book as well. Now I can focus on writing my stories and then shop for the cover! I actually have several other “favorites” saved on my dashboard. Kuddos to all of the artists! Their covers are so professional! - Kay Brooks
You were recommended to me as a "possibility" by another indie author who had only heard about you, but hadn't yet used your service. She's seen my covers and has been VERY impressed - I think she's changed her mind on her next cover (although I won't speak for her). I love both your artwork and your system. I keep potential covers on my dashboard, and yes, some of them get used by other authors - and pulled from my files so I can't inadvertently use them - thank you for that feature! Your prices are affordable and the artwork is positively glamorous. - Linda Tiernan Kepner
Second book in the series by Linda Tiernan Kepner who wrote: You were recommended to me as a "possibility" by another indie author who had only heard about you, but hadn't yet used your service. She's seen my covers and has been VERY impressed - I think she's changed her mind on her next cover (although I won't speak for her). I love both your artwork and your system. I keep potential covers on my dashboard, and yes, some of them get used by other authors - and pulled from my files so I can't inadvertently use them - thank you for that feature! Your prices are affordable and the artwork is positively glamorous.
I found provided a wide range of crisp designs with a good, user-friendly website. It's particularly good to be able to access the design after downloading it for marketing purposes. Many thanks, Richard Brand
I searched for months to find a premade book cover that would match all my needs. I'm happy to say that is the perfect site for anyone looking for these qualities: the ability to instantly buy the premade cover, the ability to create the text work for the cover, the great variety in fonts, the ease of changing your mind and being able to go to their website and edit your cover as many times as you want and to download both 300 dpi and 72 dpi (book and ebook) covers as many times as you want too. You can also take a cover you bought and bring it into another program of your choice to style your cover. Without any additional charges, ever! The artist has recommendations on fonts to use and I got an email from one artist who looked at the fonts I chose and they tweaked it here and there and made it perfect. Based on their, again, free, recommendation, I love my book cover. The site has a cover for all genres and the prices start at $69. USD. I've viewed over 50 websites offering premade covers and I prefer Everything is so easy with this site and it really gives the buyer instant access to a premade cover, which is a must for me!- Colleen Johnson
I did my first two covers, but the third one I wanted to be polished and professional looking. The books needed to convey a story on sight - The Before Time, Strife and Despair, and Hope for the Future. As hard as I tried, I couldn't get the last cover to convey hope. Then I came to and discovered Daniela ( I immediately fell in love with it and it completely complimented the other two books - even elevated their looks. I'm totally in love and would highly recommend Daniela and I look forward to having a fruitful collaboration in the future!- Nila N. Brown, Speculative Fiction Author
I am pleased to announce that Sirona's ( beautiful artwork which I purchased from, graces the cover of my book, "Where Your Heart Meets God's" published by "Helping Hands Press." A devotional, the book explores the many expressions of God's voice. These can be as close as a Bible, nature's beauty, the words of a friend, even our dreams. Sirona Danu's cover captures the message of my book as if it were made to order. Many have commented about its beauty. For now, the book is in e-book form. However, a paperback will be released in the near future. Please check out my book on the link below and keep up the good work. Sincerely, Flora Reigada
Even as a new fiction author, I understand the importance of having well-designed covers, but my budget doesn't extend to the hundreds of dollars other authors claim to pay for their book covers. With I found beautiful, well-designed covers at an affordable price, thus saving the angst of worry over this aspect of self-publishing. Thank you so much for offering this service! Once again, my thanks. Sincerely, Dawn Watson a.k.a. Lucy Varna
For my First two books “The Detour” and “False Dialogue” I used and found the Perfect cover for those books! I did not even consider looking anywhere else. I knew I would find the perfect cover on this site! Huge selection of covers! Helpful Staff and easy to use tools make this the ideal site. Also, the book covers are formatted for easy upload to the Amazon Publishing Site! You get a High Definition Cover as well for print. Before discovering this site I was concerned about finding a cover that conveys the image I hoped would encourage people to read my book. My new cover for “Deception” by Travis Pearson is uploaded and my book is live! This is the third cover I have purchased from! Check out this cover (and the Dan Icor - Trilogy)! ~ Travis Pearson

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