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Here are some of our Published Covers/Testimonials

I’m definitely not an artist and certainly not a cover designer. made it so simple for me to not only find an appropriately themed cover but to also make the text exactly as I wanted. There are so many covers to choose from and the online tools are a breeze. Thanks, David Geoffries
Thanks Rob. Your covers are great, I think they make a difference. ~ Frank Monti. My blog is:
I looked at fifty sites at least, to find the right e- book cover. was the only one I found, to have such a broad range of cover art. The ability to change fonts and do updates, is very much appreciated. I could not be happier and the service when I had a problem doing an update, was courteous and fast. I plan on publishing two more books this year and will on be a repeat customer. Check out my cover by Shardel. She is amazing! -Bibiana Jrall
I've purchased two covers from and absolutely love them. Easy to work with, they deliver a high quality product, and have excellent customer service. The final product is every bit as good as a custom cover. - Dennis Timothy
As someone with a full time day job as well as being a professional author, I didn't have the time to waste trying to create my own cover. I wanted something that looked professional and in keeping with my genre. Thankfully, the wide range of covers meant I could easily buy one that met my specific needs in no time at all. If you've written a good book then it's worth investing in a cover that will draw your readers in and I'll be coming back here to when I'm ready to publish book 2 in this series! Kind Regards, C K Martin
I have been selling technical books for some years now and decided to try my hand at fiction. The new old adage in e-books is that people do judge books by their covers. So, instead of making my own cover, which I have done in the past, I looked at hundreds of pre-made book covers and found the perfect one at By getting the perfect, most appropriate, most eye-catching cover, and by using this cover with my own unique social media promotional program, my book went to the top five in three paid genres in less than four days. When I made the book free at Amazon Books, it went straight to number one free and held that slot for about two weeks. I do not think I would have had those kinds of results with a cheap-looking, third-rate, homemade cover. I will be using in the future! Spikes Donovan
Just to let you know how delighted I am with the cover provided by you. I have searched many a website but yours is the most friendly, hands-on site of them all. And, when I didn’t get it quite right with my own effort at first, you kindly stepped in with suggestions - which I was only too pleased to accept. So congratulations on a great cover for my book and a wonderful experience. I hope to use you again. ~ Clifford Forde
Once again you guys were there when I needed you. I had two projects come up in short order. One book was to be entered into a contest of sorts prior to publication, and the other was a re-release. I turned to I'd used their service before and they'd done a great job. They came through again. That's three covers that I've personally bought from this company and I can't find a hitch with anything. The artists actually tweaked the fonts and lettering without charging me extra. I doubt anyone could find that kind of attention at their prices anywhere. Thanks! -R.E. Wood
With one book published under my belt, I have to say I would not have nearly the attention as I do now without! The service is super easy to use, and the covers look very professional. Thank you for offering such a great service!! Bravo! -Aki Tora, When Bryan Stayed Over"
SelfPubBookCovers have fast become my favourite book selling platform. Their website is really easy to use and purchase designs and there are no hidden surprises, everything is explained in an easy way to understand. So far I have purchased two covers from different designers and I will continue to purchase many more in the future. Book cover shown by snowmoondesigns. -Louise Lake.
After finally finishing my first book, I decided to use Amazon KDP to publish it. Where to get a book cover? I spent ages searching images on-line until I finally came across SelfPubBookCovers. It was like a breath of fresh air. Not only did they have a huge amount of awesome covers to choose from, but their site was so easy to use. I'm so glad I found them, and will recommend them to fellow authors. I'll be back soon for my second book cover. Thank you Rob and Shardel (the artist) for my wonderful cover. ~Cheers! Clair Delaney
I just published my fifth book through CreateSapce on Amazon with another cover from! This cover was by cover artist Lori. Although this is my fifth book, this was actually one of the first covers I bought. It was unique and almost perfect for my book, “Death Displacement”. Honestly, when I saw this cover, I looked no further. The cover is sharp and clear, and with the new fonts (which I’m loving), I was finally able to use red for the book title without feeling the title swallowed the picture. Longer titles are difficult. The cover artist did an amazing job with the back cover/ spine I ordered separately for my paperback version. The artists come up with interesting ways to make your book look great. I recently checked into creating my own cover with CreateSpace for a short I decided to publish. There’s a reason you can create your covers for free. If my name is going on a cover (even a short story), I want something with which I can be proud. I went back to With thousands of covers to choose from, choosing just one is difficult. I have several I’m keeping an eye on, but they go fast. If you find one you’re absolutely in love with but don’t have the story yet, grab it before someone else does. You can always edit the cover later. I check the website daily—just in case. If you’re on twitter, I recommend following and their artists to get a jump on new covers. I wouldn’t buy anywhere else! -Holly Copella
My plan was to hire a designer but I found a ready made cover from SelfPubBookCovers that worked very well for me. ~Ronald Pecorry has found the best talent that to produce such wonderful book covers. When creating the perfect cover for my book: Gauntlets of Power, any question I needed answering, we're answered fast! From start to finish the process was smooth. Whenever I present my novel I always a get a compliment on the cover, how it draws you in, and that the quality looks expensive- but it wasn't. So thank you for your part you played in bringing my front cover to life and fabulous job well done! ~W. E. James
Thank You and BlackMagic for an awesome cover for the re-launch of my book. I was quoted some pretty high prices and just happened to find you because a friend on Facebook "Liked" your page!! The artist variety is great which is a plus because my first choice was purchased before I had a chance to buy it. But this cover fits the scene perfectly!! The new cover is already working for the re-launch of this title!! People do judge books by their covers!!! I will be back for my next cover!! ~ Renee Rain
Thank you Rob Sturtz Creative Director, and Co-founder and Co-founder Shoshanna Evers of ‪ Thank you Shardel. book Illustrator/Cover designer. I came across searching the internet. I am so GLAD I saw the link on Google because it opened me up to a GREAT company that have great quality and quantity of covers that I bought several covers for my book Visions of a Blind Man and my second book in advance. It is very easy to set up before and after I bought the covers just to see what they will look like before I bought them. Extremely easy and there are many options on the database to help you design your cover and with different fonts. My cover is done by Shardel and I give her praise because she knew exactly what I was looking for and she designed my cover perfectly relating to the journey of the character in my novel. Rob is amazing! Very understanding and the customer service is the best. They listen to your concerns and give you 100% in excellence. Thank you all again for your GREAT service! ~ Ilene Nugent, Author of Visions Of A Blind Man
I found your site through Google. It took me quite a while to find a site that offered what I was looking for. What I loved about SelfPubBookCovers was the ease with which I could edit my cover and come back to correct my inevitable mistakes. You offer a great service for authors and I will definitely be returning when I need my next cover. ~ Mike O'Conner
I just published my first short story, “Reaper of Souls”, through CreateSapce on Amazon with another cover from! I had heard other authors having success with their short stories through Kindle Unlimited, so I decided to edit one of my older stories and test the waters. Shamefully, I considered doing the cover myself, since I didn’t need a back cover/spine. The free covers I could create through CreateSpace just didn’t have the look and feel I wanted. I chose one of the covers I’ve been keeping an eye on by cover artist ktarrier. The vibrant colors, color contrast, and amazingly clear picture are what I really liked about this cover. It works very well for a fantasy book, and with the new fonts, it really pops. It’s currently only available on Kindle, but if I put a few short stories together, I’d love to make it available in paperback as well. The artists do amazing work on the back cover/spines, and I’m sure this one would be fantastic! If my short story does well, I’ll be back for more of my favorite covers. So, if you find one you like, you should probably buy it before I do!- Holly Copella
I had a great experience using your site. There was a vast array of stunning covers to choose from. It was easy signing up and customizing my cover. The customer service was efficient and helpful. I recommend this site and will use it again for my other novels. The cover for Chum speaks for itself. ~John Buckley
When I published my first novel "The Princess and Her Rogue", it never occurred to me that I'd need a cover image. So, when I published on Amazon Kindle, I saw they had a cover creator. I used it, but I was never really happy with the image. The text was not customizable and the program was not user friendly at all. Plus, it wasn't what I originally had in mind for the cover. I didn't really know what I wanted, but what I used was close enough. I have a friend who does custom art so I figured I could get him to do a cover when I had the money saved up. And then one day while I was browsing on Facebook, I saw a suggested page was and I was attracted by the price point of $69. I was intrigued, but I had no idea how useful and wonderful this website would be. I spent hours upon hours browsing through the thousands of covers they had available. I have over 60 novels planned to write so I knew I'd need plenty of covers. I created an account (very easy) and started adding covers to my favorites. I found covers that were absolutely perfect for some novels I had in planning, but I couldn't find one that was just perfect for "The Princess and Her Rogue". I knew I wanted a medieval theme with a princess and a ruffian in the image, but everything I found just didn't fit the bill. I searched under every keyword I could think of, but still nothing sparked my interest. And then it was there, like a speck of gold sitting on the shore of a creek. It was everything I wanted and more. It had the princess, it had the rogue, it had a castle in the background and all set in a forest scene. It had every element my novel was about and joyful tears blurred my vision a bit as I added it to my favorites. I then tried my hand at customizing the words. It was so easy, user friendly, and no one would ever know I had designed the typography myself. It had a clean, professional look and I just knew my sales would spike because of this awesome cover. I can't wait until I'm ready to publish in paperback, to see this magnificent cover in person, to run my fingers over this amazing person's artwork that I was able to get for a reasonable price and very quickly. I can't thank this person, or SelfPubBookCovers enough for the service they do for indie/self-published authors everywhere. I know exactly where I'm going when I need another cover for a novel. ~Sheritta Bitikofer

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