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"I am so happy to have found SelfPubBookCovers. What a fantastic concept, letting authors customize the covers themselves before buying. Then being able to make edits for free after purchasing - that's priceless! It's easy, it's fast, and your selection of premades can't be beat. I love being able to keep a list of favorites, too. I've got quite a few covers favorited  - it's very convenient. And as a new author struggling to get noticed, I find your help with ebook promotion to be a huge additional benefit. I have no reason to even think about going anywhere else for my covers. Thank you!  -- K. L. Gold"
Another fabulous book by Gene Moore- who writes under the pen name as Don Bellew
Thanks so much for this sexy cover. It fits the hedonistic main character of the story. Lust or Loyalty what happens in Apartment 265 - Michelle Outlaw
The best cover EVER! -Gene Moore (writing as Don Bellew)
Thank you for all the help with your website. I can't believe I found the perfect cover. It's like the artist was in my head. ~Amber Godwin
I looked at several website offering both custom covers and pre-made covers and found that had the best selection of high quality, unique, pre-made covers for the best price and ease of formatting. I have several other completed books (currently being edited) and will definitely be returning to your website for more book covers! thanks again. -Joey Sandoval
The cover by the artist Vlad ( is doing great! Everyone loves it. The image happens to fall right in with my storyline, so I was fortunate when it was available. No other site I found offered the quality and added tools you offer for a great price for us indie authors. Thank you again. - M. Anthony Phillips
I am so pleased that I found this website for the creation of the cover for my new book, "Cold Hollow". This company provides beautiful cover designs for print and e-books. With the wide selection of available graphics, I could sit for hours while trying to decide. The ease of use during the creation process was a welcome surprise. Thank you so much Sincerely Emilie J. Howard
Purchasing my book cover from has been a wonderful experience. I loved that there were so many beautiful and creative covers to choose from. There was a wide range of covers that fit my book's theme. By the way, I absolutely LOVE the cover I chose! It's gorgeous! And the best part of using this site, I was able to pay for my cover and download it immediately! I didn't have to wait for someone to design it for me. I'll most definitely be using to purchase covers for my other books. -Michelle Matkins
Thanks to the wonderful artwork of selfpubbookcover, especially Shardel, I'm glad to announce another success story. Within a few days my new novel jumped into the top 2 of amazon erotica in Germany. As it was my 6th cover I bought for my book projects it definitly wasn't my last one. I love Selfpubbookcover! Not only the excellent artwork is convincing, but also the very price/performance ratio! Best, Amélie Duval
I bought two covers from your website and absolutely adore them! They fit my story lines perfectly. I'm currently editing book II, but here is the buy link for book I, which is already published. With warm regards, Katie St. Claire
This is my fourth cover from! I stumbled upon this wonderful and chilling cover by FantasyArt ( while looking for a cover for one of my other books. Even though I wasn’t sure I was ready to adapt the screenplay for this particular book, I knew the cover was perfect! You can’t wait if it’s perfect, because they go fast. My favorite story about this cover? Because of the chilling cover, I added a relevant scene into my book. Shh! Don’t give my secrets away! The scene turned out great, and now the cover appears to have been custom made for my book! I love that the artist gave this cover such mystery and emotion. What happened to this woman? You automatically feel for her, which makes this cover amazing! Do you want to know her story? Do you want to know what happened to this woman? You have to read the book! Despite ebooks being the big seller, I always create printed books. It’s an author thing. I had a back cover and spine created at an additional fee (totally worth it). The artist did a fantastic job with the back cover, but it’s the spine that stands out! It looks like a tile partition between two showers dividing the front and back cover. You have to love their imagination! I don’t see any reason to buy book covers anywhere else. The prices are reasonable; their service is outstanding; the artists are creative; and, being an indie author, I get the cover I want. Thanks for another fantastic cover! Sincerely, Lori Weiss AKA Holly Copella has been a huge help to me. I just bought my second cover from them and it has already gotten a few comments only hours into my book's release. No doubt whatsoever that I will be back the next time I need a book cover. One less thing to worry about for this indie writer. I have no problem recommending this service to anyone. Thanks again, R.E. Wood
My experience in buying a book cover for my first book, The Mother-in-Law, was exceptional. You answered all my questions and your follow up and attention to detail proves that customer service is job one for you. Thanks again- Greg Hrones.
I have a friend who works for a marketing agency. He deals with graphics and design all day long. I had no doubt he could customize me a great cover. When I asked how much he would charge me for this service, he told me around $400.00. I decided to search elsewhere and for a fraction of his cost I got a great cover from that I'm happy with. -Jaromy Henry
Too Easy To Pretend... By Heather Mar-Gerrison 1 star1 star1 star1 star Adult Friends - they'll do anything for each other right? Yeah, that's what I figured, so when my lifelong friend Chas asked me to be his plus one for the upcoming wedding of his best friend Ozzie, I naturally agreed. There were a couple of problems with his plan, one - he was just trying to avoid his ex - and two - I was finding it hard to remember that I was only supposed to be his fake girlfriend...
SelfPubBookCovers had so many wonderful covers for me to choose from that I had to enlist my husband’s aid in making the decision. Uploading it to my e-book was very easy. I am so pleased with the results. I intend to make e-book versions of my other novels as well. ~Anita Mott
I have a friend who works for a marketing agency. He deals with graphics and design all day long. I had no doubt he could customize me a great cover. When I asked how much he would charge me for this service, he told me around $400.00. I decided to search elsewhere and for a fraction of his cost I got a great cover at that I'm happy with. -Jaromy Henry
I have ordered three amazing book covers from! I highly recommend this site for book covers, and they are who I will use from now on. Not only do I LOVE the covers but they were extremely cost effective! Also, when I had a question, I was able to call and leave a message on a Saturday morning, with my called returned within the hour! Very impressive customer service, and they are in the USA!!!- Denise M. Rezsonya
"Thanks to Rob and the Selfpubbookcover artists for the great work on my book cover. The time spent ensuring authors are happy with our finished product is much appreciated; it's nice to know good customer service is still important!" ~A. Tunson

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