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Here are some of our Published Covers/Testimonials

I am a Christian author and I was looking for something that would be fitting for my book, "The Weight of Weights." I wanted something that wasn't your traditional look, but would be very eye-catching. Therefore, I found by searching for book covers on the internet. Even though the genres offered did not fit mine, I still decided to look through them just to see what was offered and if something could be used for my title. Well, I came across the perfect cover and the experience with the artist was great. The artist did my back and spine cover as well. I must say that I am 100% satisfied with the service that I received. Everyone who has seen the cover has had nothing but GREAT things to say about it. I have already purchased my second cover for part 2 to this book. I look forward to working with again. -K L Rich
Another one-of-a-kind cover for Lita Burke!
Your site was very easy to use and the prices are reasonable. I will definitely shop here again. Thanks for a wonderful experience! ~ Deanna Kahler offers a great selection of one-of-a-kind covers. I found several right away that were perfect replacements for my self-made covers. It was easy to customize the cover text and experiment until the words looked just right with the beautiful artwork. It was also fast. Instead of taking days to get a cover ready, it took only a few hours using I recommend their covers for any do-it-yourself indie author. - - Lita Burke
My book was finished, proofread and ready for launch but I was really struggling to get the cover right. I had been trying to design something myself but couldn’t get it quite right. Then an author friend suggested pre-made covers. After looking at the different options on offer I decided to go with Not only did they have a huge range of affordable covers, but the site was easy to use. I searched for “Time Travel” and up popped dozens of results – I scrolled down and there it was - the perfect cover. Once downloaded, the after sales service was fantastic – suggestions, help, and they even helped promote my book. Highly recommended. - Jason Ayres
I love Self Pub book covers! I recently went in and changed one of my covers (Turbulent Heart) to remove the tag line. That's the great thing. You have control over the text placement, colors, shadowing, etc. And if you aren't great with that the artists give you suggestions. Still not happy? Recently I was still not loving my Element's book cover, my fantasy book soon to come out, and they did their magic for me. No extra money, responded saying my success is their success. I have to say the indie business is so supportive all around and I will continue to pass it on as well. Thanks again. Look forward to future needs.
The website was easy to maneuver through and I was able to find exactly what I was looking for very easily. The wide variety of art that was available for purchase was amazing. As a new author, the pricing was well within the range that I was willing to spend. I will return to SelfPubBookCovers without any hesitation when my next book is ready. I also appreciate that you will help put the word out with regards to my book. Thank you!! -Crystel R Pettit
I absolutely love, love, love the new book cover! I have gotten so many complements on it already. My book, THE HAND OF MY ENEMY, was published March 25, 2014. The original cover was created by using the Kindle cover art program. Unfortunately, people couldn't tell the genre of the book by its cover. They had to take the time to click on the link to read the blurb. And the fact that it didn't show up well as a thumbnail (you couldn't make out either the cover art or the title) was a big problem. The new cover is fantastic. The cover let's the reader know the books genre at a glance and the thumbnail image is great. I loved the cover the minute I saw it in your portfolio! I knew it would be perfect for my story. What surprised me was how easy it was to customize. I searched the web for cover designs for my ebook and happened on your site. I was really surprised by the quantity and quality of your selections. Every cover looked fantastic. -Mary Vigliante Szydlowski
I really like the covers I found on your site for my books. They seemed to fit perfectly with my adventure novels. I found it easy to select the fonts, text and enhancements to the text. I posted a free day on Amazon for my ebook of High Seas: The Cabin Boy and received a record number of download compared to the previous cover. -Michele L. Hinton
What I liked about SBPC was that I could generate my cover instantly, with no turn-around time waiting for designers to make the changes. I could change the font, colour and size instantly which came in handy when I soon realized I needed to increase the size of my font due to the small thumbnail pictures on Amazon. I also found the selection of designs to be fresh and modern and after a bit of searching I found the one that was perfect for my book. I'm so pleased with the design, it really delivers a punch with its high impact visual effect, just what I wanted. Thanks! -Morgan Clay
This is a great service, so easy to use, a fabulous range of book covers - there's something there for every writer - and the service - wonderful - I've had a rework of the text on a cover (free of charge) and invaluable help with blurb (how useful that was). I will certainly be using SelfPubBookCovers from here on in. -Saul Moon
As an independent author from the bottom of the world making my first venture into self-publishing, I was more than a little concerned about finding an affordable, quality source for a cover for my book. Enter Awesome selection with more than enough variety to make it easy to find a cover that matched my book perfectly, an extremely reasonable price and the peace of mind knowing that my cover is uniquely mine. What a great service for the “little guys” like me. So good I just bought another one for my next book. Thanks! ~Gordon Bentley-Mix
Another great book by Saul Moon.
I found while searching the internet for my short story, Honey Molasses. While looking for the cover, I found covers that are perfect for virtually every story and book that I have written! I am definitely going to purchase more from this website! - K.C. Gray
Thank you so much! With the incredible selection I found the prefect cover to make "Imprisonment" a reality. -Kevin Potter
SelfPubBookCovers has an incredible range of catchy covers. There are so many it's hard to choose one ! Moreover, there's a nifty device I had never seen before letting you experiment with how you want to lay out your title and name - I had a lot of fun with "glow"... Will be back as soon as I've written the new book. -May Koliander
Apart from actually writing the book, one of the biggest challenges I discovered was creating an eye-catching book cover. I tried to make my own from random artwork and photos but nothing came together and I was getting increasingly frustrated with this almost insurmountable hurdle. I then came across SelfPubBookCovers when reading a book from a self-publisher and had a look. It was a 'eureka' moment. There was so much choice and they were all so professionally produced. My chosen cover jumped out at me as soon as I saw it and I just hope that it will have the same effect on potential buyers. Once I had chosen my cover, it was easy to edit and I must say that it was really useful that I could go back and re-edit the cover to make the changes necessary, once I had seen my paperback proof. Thanks team, you helped me achieve my ultimate goal of getting my first book published. -Bryan Metcalfe
Thanks so much for the new cover! Blood of the Sire had a nice cover, but I saw this one from RLSather ( and kept going back to look at it. I watched as other items in my dashboard were picked off by others and after what probably neared a year of this cover sitting and calling to me I pulled the trigger. The process was simple and I'm very, very happy. It fits the story perfectly! Thanks again!- Andrea L. Staum
I really enjoyed working with SelfPubBookCovers to find just the right artwork for the cover of my book and to modify it to make it look just right. They were all very helpful and answered all my questions quickly with no trouble. I highly recommend SelfPubBookCovers to anyone looking to publish their books. - Evelyn Booth
I had browsed the internet for weeks looking at different options for Cover Design. Read some books on Designing my own cover through the Kindle Bookstore. Then "" showed up in an internet search. I perused this sight for several days and reviewed many of the Covers. They were Great! Many would have worked! Narrowed my choices down to less than 20 selections. Then used the Online Cover Maker to put my Title and Author's name. Really Easy! Played with Fonts, Sizes, Colors and many other options. Found "The Perfect" Cover! I needed some live human help in completing my transaction. I was fortunate enough to get Rob on the phone (an extremely patient and understanding individual). Completed the transaction and I am live in the Amazon Kindle Store! I can't stress enough how refreshing it is to deal with a company and individuals that actually do what they say the will. Deliver a product or service as anticipated! I am not associated with this company in any way. Just a very satisfied customer. I would certainly give them my highest recommendation and will use their services for future publications. Regards, Travis Pearson, Author

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