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Here are some of our Published Covers/Testimonials

Working with SelfPubBookCovers was a nice experience ; I discovered them through Kobo (thanks Kobo) where my books are also available, and I immediately bought several covers, one of them for a book I still have to finish but the art was so great I didn't want to loose it! This cover was used for my collection "Créatures des ténèbres", a collection of short stories ranging from horror to dark fantasy. This book was first published in 1985 (printed) then it was reissued in an omnibus title "la nuit des hommes-loups" (with a novel by the same title and "Cauchemar à Staten Island") in 2008 and I reissued it as an e-book approximatively at the same time. But the covers I used for the e-book never were quite satisfying, and I am now glad to have a nice cover which reflects well the content of the stories. Using the site was quite easy, there is a huge quantity of available covers... and each one for a reasonable price. As for the customer support, I received a feedback from the artist on one cover (not this one) which greatly improved the readability/impact of my cover, just by changing the place of Title/Author's name/publisher. That was great! Thanks. GILBERT GALLERNE (aka Gilles Bergal)
First impressions last, and that can be said of the covers at selfpubbookcovers. They have taken the 'KISS' principle, (Keep It Simple Stupid) to heart. When you find a cover that takes your fancy, you can play around with it, insert the text you want and position it with ease to see if it's your fit before you make a decision. Sweet. After you buy, and you will, you can edit any time and re-download. The quality for such a superb price is hard to beat, the ease of service and after sales help a standard for other self pub services to aspire to. I wanted a new font on my cover well over a year after I bought it and they came up trumps. Highly recommended.- Ray Ronan
Thanks once again to for an outstanding cover for my newest release! This is the fourth cover I've purchased and the process is always easy, quick, and professional. I found this cover before I was finished writing my novel; I had decided to take a break from writing one day and peruse the website just so I could get some early feelers out there. Imagine my surprise when this cover jumped out at me within thirty seconds. It was as if the artist got a sneak peek at my unfinished book and created the cover just for me. Thanks so much to BeeJavier ( and to SelfPubBookCovers. Keep up the great work and I'll be back! ~Sandy Huth was extremely easy to use, the art work is fantastic and the quality of my cover when printed is second to none. Also customer service absolutely brilliant! Will be coming back for covers for the second and third book in my series of 3. - R.M. Bond
It took me less than a week to purchase another cover from your site. I knew I would be back but didn't expect it to be that quick! You have so many covers, with many different styles, someone is bound to find something they like. I chose a cover from FrinaArt and I know I'll be buying from that artist again. I also love that you can edit your covers even after you've downloaded them. I'm using this latest cover for a series, and being able to change the text saves me so much time. I can focus on editing instead of photoshopping it myself. I'll be back again. ~Elle May
My new covers have all gone live on Amazon and I’m thrilled to bits with how awesome they look! Thanks so much to the SelfPubBookCover team and the amazing artists behind these covers too. I will be back for more as soon as possible! -Ian Williams
Another cover chosen by Ian Williams to grace one of his astounding books!
Ian Williams scooped up another cover! The best testimony about our site and service is authors returning again and again to find their one-of-a-kind book covers on!
I just published my tenth book through CreateSpace on Amazon with another amazing cover from SelfPubBookCovers! This cover is by a wonderful cover artist, Island. I loved the cover for “Witness Protection” from the moment I saw it. I thought it was perfect for my book. It looks good in “thumbnail” too! With the red backdrop, it’s hard to miss! Sales don’t lie. It was well-received on its debut weekend. The paperback will follow in a week or two. I paid extra to have the back cover/spine created for the paperback version as well. I haven’t received my proof yet, but the file looked stunning. The artist did an excellent job making my back cover stand out. The artists with SelfPubBookCovers come up with interesting and unique back covers. I can’t wait to receive my proof. The physical book always looks better than the file—if that’s even possible. Even though I still have my eye on a few covers, I check daily for new covers. I wish I had ideas for stories to go with all the amazing covers I’ve seen! ~Holly Copella
This is my second beautiful cover from Their service is economical and easy to use. And, special orders don’t upset them – if you require modifications to the covers they are happy to oblige. Thanks- Mark Sterling
This is the first time I have purchased a book cover from this website but it definitely won’t be my last! I loved the varied assortment of covers, with about anything and everything that I could ever hope for! My book cover is beautiful and eye-catching and I have had several people comment on it already. I will never go anywhere else! Thank you for such a gorgeous and personalized cover! -Lisa M. Owens
I had very good experience with SelfPubCovers. It is easy to use and there are wide selection of covers. My cover was by Shardel (Cover Design: - P H Tell
I just published my first book through CreateSapce on Amazon.  I'd spent a lot of time writing my book, and I wanted a cover that reflected my pride in my work.  The cover I chose (cover design by for "The Battle for Andrea Maria" is a work of art!  I doubt a publishing house would have come up with a cover of this quality.  Ironically, the cover looked even better after I downloaded it!  The artwork was even clearer in the download then it had been on their site.  (This is probably due to the ruler lines while customizing)  They have thousands (maybe more) of covers from which to choose.  There is a cover on this site for every genre, style, and taste.  I prefer "edgy".  I want my cover to tell my story without having to read the back cover.  Yes, judge a book by its cover!  It actually takes time to sort through all the wonderful covers to narrow it down to just one.  Some of the covers are so amazing; I'm attempting to come up with a story just so I can use that particular cover!  Once I got the actual book in my hand, (I purchased the back cover, which was equally stunning) I couldn't believe how professional my book looked.  I already purchased covers for my next two books!  The cover I originally picked for book #2 was sold before I was ready to commit to that cover, but I found an even better cover!  It's a real eye-popper!  The third cover I snapped up early, so I wouldn't lose it.  It's almost perfect for my third book, and I didn't want to lose it.  The cover prices are reasonable (even with the additional cost of the spine and back cover), the turnaround is fast, and their customer service is excellent.  They answered all my newbie questions.  Whatever cover you're looking for, you'll find it here.  If you're looking for fantasy, good luck choosing just one.  I don't write fantasy, but the covers are high quality art!  This is the only place you need to look for quality book covers. -Holly Copella
I recently published a book on called Crystal's Ball with an absolutely beautiful cover from I have received nothing but rave reviews about this cover that was created by the artist Shardel and if I ever publish another book I will not use any other site or artist than and Shardel ( I'm nearly as proud of the cover as the text of the book. Anyone interested can also follow me on my Twitter account @crystalsball08. Thanks for everything!!!!! -Ron BRIGLIA
This is the second time I bought a book cover from your site. I was so impressed with the variety that I returned for another cover. I've looked at other sites and they just don't have the large volume of covers to choose from that I find here. The site is easy to use with plenty of help. After I customized my second book cover the artist actually made a few suggestions. I was sent an email telling me that I could either use the artist's rendition or keep my own. When I logged in I found the two book covers side by side for me to compare. It made my decision easy. I loved what the artist suggested and used their rendition. I plan to use in the future. Thank you. -Jessica Shaw
I was surprised how quick and easy it was for me to locate the perfect cover for my ebook at at a price I could afford. -J. D. Perry
I am very happy with my experience with SelfPubBookCovers. The large variety of covers helped me decide to go with this site. I had fun customizing the book cover to get the effect I wanted for my book Butterfly Found. I plan to use SelfPubBookCovers again. -Jessica Shaw
SelfPub book covers are superb. I plan to change the bulk of my self-created covers (which I've gotten compliments about) because the artistic work at SelfPub is light years ahead of my modest talents. And the price is right! -- Lawrence De Maria
Gina Ardito has another fantastic book out with another great cover that she customized herself!
Totally pleased with my new book cover from SelfPubBookCovers. Excellent creativity at an affordable price.-Terrence Carling

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