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Here are some of our Published Covers/Testimonials was amazing to work with. They were always available to help and answer any questions. Their professionalism and understanding of a new author was superb! They designed the cover and back spine. Their artists are wonderful and I am so happy to have found them. I highly recommend a first timer to let them guide you through the process. This was a wonderful experience! Thank you for what you do. C.L. Ullman
Working with was a nice experience; I discovered them through Kobo (thanks Kobo) where my books are also available, and I immediately bought several covers, one of them for a book I still have to finish but the art was so great I didn't want to loose it ! This one is the fourth one I used. The last one, when published on Facebook, reached 10 times the number of people I reach on average (and 4 times my best result so far). I hope this one will get as much ! Using the site was quite easy, there is a huge quantity of available covers... and each one for a reasonable price. Regarding customer support, I received a feedback from the artist on one cover (not this one) which greatly improved the readability/impact of my cover, just by changing the place of Title/Author's name/publisher. That was great. Thanks. GILBERT GALLERNE (aka Gilles Bergal)
It was really easy to try out book covers on I found three covers that were exactly what I wanted, and I chose the perfect one for my book. When I had a question for about covers with African-American characters, the staff responded promptly and provided tons of covers I could look at. Great customer service! I'm coming directly here for my next book. Thanks, Samori Augusto
I was looking for eye-catching, jaw-dropping cover art for my second novel: a twisted tale of lust, greed, psychosis, and delusion. After disappointing hours scouring the web and nearly cross-eyed from looking at literally hundreds of covers, I discovered Steeling myself for yet another presentation of the same old tired looking cover art, I clicked on the mystery/thriller category and waited for the browser to load the first group of covers. My eyes were awakened by a colorful assortment of fresh, exhilarating artwork begging to leap off the screen and onto the cover of my next novel. My enthusiasm renewed, I searched through the immense selection of quality cover art and within minutes had not one, not, two, but five possible candidates for my novel's cover! With my first choice selected, the site's easy-to-use tools let me quickly add a title and author name to the cover. I thought I had a winner. I created an account and saved my work; my plan was to put it aside and return in a day or two to see if I still felt the same enthusiasm for my choice. Payment was a snap and the rest of the process was a piece of cake. After I purchased it, I logged in and discovered that the cover's artist had made an alternate suggestion for the title font and color. A shiver ran down my spine! It was perfect. Exactly the mood and feel that I wanted. The cover art file download was a breeze. The site's responsive customer service, turn-around time for edits and for adding the spine and back cover was quick and painless. I will certainly return to for my all cover art and I now recommend it to all the indie authors I know. Thank you. - Jonathan Brookes
This was my first book and made the process go smoothly. They have tools on the website that walk you through the steps of how to self publish your book and the book cover editor is simple to use. The covers are very reasonable and they look wonderful. I can also say that whenever I emailed them a question I got rapid response and I was really shocked because I’ve done business on-line and sometimes it takes days for companies to respond. I was pleasantly surprised and I will definitely use them again. -S.L. Butta
I found a link to SelfPubBookCovers in a thread on the Kindle Direct Publishing message boards. I decided to try them out, and I'm glad I did. They have a huge selection of pre-made covers, and an excellent application to customize the covers online and save them. Buying a cover was completely hassle free, and I'm extremely pleased with the results. I've bought two covers now. One is on a book I've already published, the other is for a book I'll be publishing in the next month. Very satisfied! Thanks, -Robert Boren
This was my first experience paying for a cover design and I am very pleased with the result and the process of working with SelfPubBookCovers. They are responsive via e-mail, always friendly and willing to work with you to create the best cover to suit your needs. My cover artist, Shardel, did an outstanding job, making adjustments that I would never have considered. The response to my cover has been terrific and I am certain it will help me reach more readers. I will definitely return to this service for future projects. -Antony Millen
I've developed and bought several covers from SelfPubBookCovers, and all turned out great! There are thousands of basic covers to choose from, the program is easy to use, and the one time I needed customer support, they were very prompt in helping me. Shardel is one of my favorite artists. Thanks SelfPubBookCovers! -Kay Hadashi
This is my second cover from and I can't say enough about the quality and selection of covers they offer. Each design is unique and interesting with no fear of seeing your cover on some other title. -Sharon Johnson
I really love the cover I got from Fantasyart it depicts the main character of my story in her environment ! It's bright, pretty and grabs one's attention and was very well done. I showed it to friends and they are impressed by the artist's skills! I have even saved a few more covers from her ( for future projects and I can't wait to use them. I found by googling book covers and yours was one of the first to pop up! That says a lot to me and the website is easy to navigate especially when searching for certain themes. I'm so glad your website exists and I intend to visit it as often as I can! Thanks again for all the help! Franca. N. Yeates
This is the 6th book cover I've bought from you. Thank you so much and I really enjoy Daniela's covers! ~Liz Madrid
I am in love with my cover for A Collateral Attraction by Daniella. Her designs are very inspiring to me as a writer and she's my go-to cover artist on! ~ Liz Madrid
Thanks again to for a great selection of book covers from which to choose. I have just updated another book using a cover from this site and once again it was an excellent experience. Very easy to use and I enjoy experimenting with the fonts and other options for Title and Author. This is the only site I use now for my covers. Great design by . Maybe a cover will inspire my next book! Thanks, Laurie Cook
FrinaArt at was so helpful! I wanted a cover similar to the one I purchased from the site for the first book in the series and she totally helped me out and made this gorgeous cover for me! The site is so easy to use. I'll absolutely be using it again for the third book! -Thanks, Wendi Wilson
SelfPubBookCovers was the perfect place to obtain the cover for my debut novel. I was able to browse a wide variety of choices and in every genre. The one I chose was by FrinaArt. I had originally purchased just the digital cover, but came back for the printed version as well. Once completed, the version for print, exceeded my expectations. They had added wonderful details and made several great suggestions including a custom font color, which really made the cover stand out. SelfPubBookCovers, Rob, and FrinaArt were so nice as to send me the new version for the digital cover as well, that way they would be matching. Thank you to SelfPubBookCovers, Rob, and FrinaArt… I’ll be back for my next book. -Paris Andren
With so much choice available there is always something appropriate for the book I am writing at any given time, so far I have downloaded two covers and was quite surprised at the ease of  the transaction. I came back to not just because of the easy transaction but also for the quality of the covers and the support of the company, i.e suggestions about the layout of the wording.  In a word I can round up my experience with as exceptional. - R P Torkington  
The number of covers available is simply amazing! The website is easy to use and the customization of your cover only takes a few minute. ~ Ariel McFarland
SelfPubBookCovers has lots of options--as a horror author, I was very pleased to see a nice variety of appropriate covers. I will definitely use their services again. ~ Clare de Lune
I recently purchased 4 covers from and they far outshine the covers provided by the publishers of earlier editions of my books. SPBC’s technical support was prompt, usually less than 1 hour (with good response even on weekends), and unlike much technical assistance these days, tech support was from New York- it didn’t come from India and they actually helped! After the first cover, I needed no help; it was clear sailing! From SPBC’s vast selection I found covers I actually liked that fit my out-of-the-ordinary subject matter pretty closely. And the covers simply look good! ~Chuck Lyons

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