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We've been hearing from many authors that they have been buying covers for books in development.

Some have purchased covers that have stimulated ideas for future stories.

We heard from a few authors who have bought covers for their trilogies.

We've been hearing how authors love how easy it is to get a one-of-a-kind cover.


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Here are some of our Published Covers/Testimonials

Eigentlich hatte ich für mein neues Buch schon ein eigenes Cover entworfen. Ich war auch überzeugt, dass es ganz toll ist. Dann bekam ich den Link von zugespielt und schaute mich um. Schnell war ich davon überzeugt, dass ich meinen Entwurf vergessen konnte. Nachdem ich 7 Cover mit meinen Daten versehen hatte, rief ich meine Frau. Gemeinsam entschieden wir uns dann für das Cover, dass mein Buch nun ziert. Schade, dass meine anderen Werke nicht auch solch professionelle Cover haben! ~Wolfgang Molzahn TRANSLATION: Actually I had already designed my own cover for my new book . I was also convinced that it is great . Then I got the link of I looked and looked around . Quickly I was convinced that I could forget my design . After I had 7 Covers that I customized with my data , I called my wife . Together we decided on the best cover. Too bad that my other works do not also have such professional Cover! ~Wolfgang Molzahn
I had an extremely positive experience with SelfPubBookCovers! Not only did they have an amazing selection of high-quality work, even for unusual genre combinations, but the tools on their website made creating the cover itself a breeze. Indeed, I'd say that it was the tools, allowing for the easy manipulation of title, tagline, and author name text, that really sold me on the experience. I have additional books in the works, and for any of them I self-publish I will almost certainly return to SelfPubBookCovers to find a suitable cover. -Jaylee Coglin
Bright Light is my third novel. A friend posted the SelfPubBookCovers link to our writers group your Facebook page and I was amazed at the variety of incredible cover art at reasonable prices. While writing the story I’d had a cover in mind, of a dog watching the skies for aliens. I found it at and my publisher agreed it was perfect for Bright Light. It was super easy to get the text the way I wanted, and your staff was very helpful when I had questions. I’m already scrolling through your site for my next cover. Thanks so much! -Monique Jacob
I've searched through many ebook cover sites and found some that I liked, but SelfPubBookCovers had the one that nailed my book's concept. With so many covers to choose from, it took longer for me to pick one than it did to customize it on your site! ~ Pike Stephenson
SelfPub has a huge selection and you are sure to find one that is perfect for your book. They are easy to customize and the staff is quick to assist with special requests. - Mark Sterling
The selection of book covers was so large that I was able to find a definitive cover for my book --- it illustrates several of the book's themes. The app for generating the title was very easy to use. I'd recommend SelfPubBookCovers for any aspiring author (I'll use it for the sequel). -by Indigo Voyager
Excellent Service! Simple and Easy to use website. I was struggling to decide what to use for my book cover but the huge range of book covers gave me inspiration and helped me to decide what I needed. Thank you so much! ~Jonah Alexander is the best book cover creator for the Indie writer. Thanks! -Art DeForest
I am very happy with the extensive choice of book covers and reasonable prices. The help and communication from this site makes the transactions simple and easy. I will definitely be using again. Thank you for a very nice experience. Also thank you to Shardel, ( I am so pleased with my cover. ~L.A. Hudson presents high quality pre-made book covers in a wide variety of designs. It took me just a few minutes before finding what I was looking for. -GEORGES TASSIOPOULOS
Looking through all the pre-made book cover websites this one looked the best and I was right. Great selection, found the perfect cover for me and it was reasonably priced. I think I'll be using this website again. ~Mark Barlow
I found these guys easy to work with and very professional. Everything I asked for, I got. They truly went above and beyond. I rarely recommend services like these, but I would use them again in a flash.
Just published my first book with one of your covers. The selection you have made it extremely user friendly to create a unique, professional quality book cover. Once I was happy with the text and graphics the purchasing process was very easy and took no time at all. Thank you for the opportunity to give a face to my writing. I hope to use you more in the future. ~Adrian Felder
I've used SelfPubBookCovers for several covers, and had a great experience each time! Between the ease of using the site and the quick turn-around in customer service, and the huge variety of covers available, this service can't be beat! When I got new covers, sales really took off and continue to do well. Thanks to so many talented artists!- Thank you very much, Kay Hadashi
I just published my ninth book through CreateSapce on Amazon with another amazing cover from! This cover is by the talented cover artist Shardel ( Although this is my first official book with Shardel, I have several covers by her for future books. It was an easy decision to purchase this cover for my book, “Basement Dwellers”. I love the clarity and contrasting colors with a subtle hint of zombies in the background. It’s subtly creepy. I also purchased the back cover/spine for an additional fee that Shardel created. The artist did an amazing job with both. I love the huge selection of covers available with more added almost daily. If I find one I absolutely love, I nab it immediately, since they tend to go quickly. Sometimes, the decision is more difficult when there are two or more covers I really like. You can customize the covers, save them to your dashboard, and ponder over your decision. Though it’s risky to wait too long, since they do sell fast. I usually check for new covers daily, so I don’t miss out on that perfect cover. When I tell people how much I paid for my book covers, they’re usually surprised at how little they cost. - Holly Copella
Having struggled for much too long trying to master cover design and create covers, I am very pleased to have discovered It is a splendid example of finding a need and meeting it. Adding my own title and text was fun and easy, and the array of covers to choose from is amazing. I have also been able to change my typography several times and the files meet the exacting standards of Createspace. The covers by Daniela ( are beautiful and eye catching, and the one I chose for Shadowcat perfectly captures the mood of dreamlike intrigue that I was going for. -Victoria Randall
Working with SelfPubBookCovers was a nice experience. I discovered them through Kobo (thanks Kobo) where my books are also available, and I immediately bought several covers, one of them for a book I still have to finish but the art was so great I didn't want to loose it ! Using the site was quite easy, there is a huge quantity of available covers... and each one for a reasonable price. As for the customer support, I received a feedback from the artist on one cover (not this one) which greatly improved the readability/impact of my cover, just by changing the place of Title/Author's name/publisher. That was great. Thanks. GILBERT GALLERNE (aka Gilles Bergal)
I tried the cover designs in CreateSpace- I didn't like those. I tried Kindle's covers- I didn't like those. Several people I contacted wanted a lot more than I was willing/wanting to spend. Then I found your site! Love it. I also have a cover picked out for my second book. :) Thanks for being there for me. :) - M.L. Rankin
I am super pleased with the cover art I bought at! The cover is beautiful and does not look like an off-the-shelf design. It was so easy and fun to customize it for my book. And when there was a tiny glitch with delivery, the customer service was phenomenal! I will definitely shop here again. - Gerri Leen
My two books ‘Dragons Can Only Rust’ and the sequel ‘Dragon Reforged’ were professionally published back in 1995. After they went out of print, the publisher returned the rights to me, and I’ve sat on them for years. Finally I decided it was time to get them back into print and into ebook. I had the Word files, but I didn’t know what to do about a cover. Then I found and it was like an answer to prayer. It was so easy to search for covers featuring dragons, and to decide on the text for the cover. Friends have said (and I agree with them!) that the new cover is better than the professional one on the original publication. I’ve already bought another three covers and those books will come out soon! Chrys Cymri

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