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Here are some of our Published Covers/Testimonials

Blood Ties: For the follow-up to Bounty, I wanted a cover that conveyed the unknown. So much of this book was about not knowing who was who, who was on what side, and the cover I ultimately chose was the perfect embodiment of the mystery and intrigue within the story itself. Once again, this website had exactly what I was looking for, and I didn't have to break the bank to get it. ~ J.D. Cunegan
I began browsing after searching for such a site on a whim, just seeing what was out there in the world of premade covers. Quite frankly, I didn't expect much. I thought I had seen the kind of stuff these sites had to offer before. I was convinced I would never find a premade cover for my novel. If I had written an erotic romance or an urban fantasy novel, sure, but I never expected to find something that could possibly fit my unusual story. First off I was impressed by the quality of their covers in comparison with the price. Nice art at excellent prices. When I plugged in a couple of keywords about my story into their search engine, BAM! I found five covers right off that I wanted. It soon became not a question of if I could find one, but a complication of which one to use. In the end I got a great premade cover at a hell of a price. I also liked that I was able to use the built in text tools to get an idea of what my finished cover could look like. That really helped narrow down which cover worked best for me. Thanks! I will be back for more! ~Tonia Brown
I am thrilled with the wonderful, eye-catching book cover from It grabs your attention and it was easy to personalize with my name and book's title. I couldn't be happier with it. -Christine Talley
This amazing cover caught my eye at first glance. I have never seen an online store that advertise so many “Awesome” book covers. I have no need to search anywhere because of the multi-selection selfpubbookcovers have. - Sheila L. Jackson
I am speechless. I’ve been wanting to change the cover of my book, The Enemy Within. It didn’t take me long to find what I wanted. This cover says it all. I am a returning customer because of the exquisite book covers that has to offer. - Sheila L. Jackson
Finding was a wonderful surprise. Their designs are great and their quality superb. Formatting is a breeze. My sales have improved since utilizing these professionally created works of art and the minimal cost is well worth it. ~ Louis Bump
I found the perfect book cover for my new book, "O'Cegan's Legacy" at FantasyArt must have been on the same wave length with me when she created this fabulous cover. This is the second cover I've used from SelfPublishBookCovers and it has been a great experience for me. The cover selection is great and I feel I've found high quality, beautiful covers that fit my books. Thanks! -Lillian I Wolfe
I found another great cover for my second novel, Gaslight and Fog, from the great collection of covers at You not only have a huge assortment to choose from, but the site is easy to use. I'm grateful to the artist, diversepixel, for the haunting cover image. The spine and back cover were also easy to order and give my book a professional look. I am excited and proud to see my second novel for sale with this wonderful cover. Thank you to your site for making this possible. Deanna Madden
I spent ages trying to find a cover for my first full length novel before I found Lots and lots of choice and very easy to use. Once my next story is ready, I will use them again. Thanks chaps. ~M E Golesworthy is the best! With hundreds of covers to choose from, I became slightly giddy knowing I could actually publish my book on my own with the affordable help of SelfPubBookCovers Once I found and purchased the perfect cover, customization was a breeze. I’ve already found the cover for my second novel. Thank you SelfPubBookCovers ~Linda Rae!
I was publishing my first book and needed a professional-looking cover for it. SelfPubBookCovers had a wide variety of covers to look through, and I found the perfect cover for my book. Once purchased, it was only a matter of minutes before I had the cover on my PC, ready to go. I highly recommend SelfPubBookCovers for those looking for a great combination of quality and affordability for their book cover. - Roald Peterson III
I am so pleased that I found your website for e-book/paperback covers. Not only do you have a great selection to choose from, I love that I am in control of the fonts,etc. for the cover. So easy to use. Awesome! - Janette Berry
As an author with seven titles I know a little about self-publishing, but I always came unstuck with the cover, until I was recommended to SelfPubBookCovers. Such a huge choice of designs adaptable to any genre. After choosing the background design it was very easy to experiment with fonts, colours and effects until I saw what I had in my mind’s eye. If, like me, you’d never heard of this relatively new arrival to the publishing scene, do yourself a favour and give them a try. You won’t be disappointed by the price or end result! - J Walter Hodgson
With the hundreds and hundreds of different book cover options available on the website, it made choosing the right cover design for my book quite hard. Thank goodness for this website, it's easy, quick, and the best decision I've made. -Jnaha
Once again I'd like to thank SelfPubBookCovers and mad-moth for a job well done. The response to my new cover has been overwhelmingly positive. Regards, Brian George
Running on limited funds and finding Selfpubbookcovers was one of the best things to happened to me. They helped a lot taking off some of the stress of my shoulders as a first time self-published author. I am very happy with the book cover and have heard great reviews about my book cover. I will be using Selfpubbookcovers again to do my second book of "Lately on my bed part 2 "coming out this December- God's willing- and also for my book of erotic poems also coming out this summer. Thank you guys very much. Miss Cherisa Alford
I got a HOT new cover! Authors check out for more great designs! Book cover was designed by - A. J. Steele
My book cover, done by the fantastic artist Shardel, is amazing and is resulting in a great deal of positive feedback. I was even more impressed when Shardel personally advised on the placement of text. This is a tremendous service and I will definitely use it again! - T. M. Strait
Working with SelfPubBookCovers is always a nice experience ; I discovered them through Kobo (thanks Kobo) where my books are also available, and I immediately bought several covers, one of them for a book I still have to finish but the art was so great I didn't want to lose it ! This one is the 11th cover that I've bought from them. One of the former covers, when published on Facebook, reached 10 times the number of people I reach on average (and 4 times my best result so far). I hope this one will get as much ! Using the site was quite easy, there is a huge quantity of available covers... and each one for a reasonable price. Regarding customer support, I received feedback from the artist on three covers, which greatly improved the readability/impact of my covers, just by changing the place of Title/Author's name/publisher or the glow/shadow. That was great. Thanks. GILBERT GALLERNE (aka Gilles Bergal)
I searched multiple book cover sites and couldn't find anything I desired, and spent plenty of time in the process! As soon as I found SelfPubBookCovers, I knew I would easily find the cover that was right for my book. There are endless choices in so many genres, and I quickly found the one that felt right. The process to add my own text to the cover, buying process, and free editing afterwards, were well worth the small investment! The artist that designed the cover I found was and I was extremely happy with the results. They have very talented illustrators and will definitely use them again for my future books. - Amy Lynn Armstrong

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