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We've been hearing from many authors that they have been buying covers for books in development.

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We heard from a few authors who have bought covers for their trilogies.

We've been hearing how authors love how easy it is to get a one-of-a-kind cover.

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Here are some of our Published Covers/Testimonials

The Relentless Brit has a fabulous book cover bought from SelfPubBookCovers. Rob was most generous with his time and patience teaching me and making suggestions about the text. I loved what I bought, but a friend pointed out that my book was about WWII, but the cover showed a man in modern clothing and a geodesic dome. The artist expertly removed them so that the cover matched the era of the story. I will definitely use SelfPubBookCovers.com again. Actually I have already bought the covers for the next two books in the Relentless Series. Thank you Rob and staff. -Sarina Rose
I was thrilled to find this site! Finally a way to have professionally designed covers at a fraction of the price of hiring an illustrator! - Kathe Todd
I learned about SelfPubBookCovers.com and just had to check it out! I really like the concept of having a unique book cover. Also, being a nature girl, I was fascinated by a couple of covers I saw and just had to buy them right away before someone else did. One was for a book I previously published but was dissatisfied with the cover; the other was for an idea I had and thought the cover would be a perfect fit. I shouldn't have been surprised to learn both covers were designed by the same artist.  Working with the images to set up the font was very easy and the size of the photos more than met my expectations. The flexibility to altar the cover font at a later date was also a selling point for me. All in all, I will definitely be coming back to this website in the future. I'll just have to stop myself from buying more covers than stories I am able to write.- Norma Budden
I love the book cover that I was able to purchase on your website. It is the perfect cover for my book Sir Sherlock Holmes: Murder In New Orleans. The book and its wonderful cover are now available at the Kindle Store. Thank you so much! P.R. Hipskind
This is the second cover that I purchased from SelfPubBookCovers.com. In my opinion, I’m not a bad designer, but I will never design my own book covers ever again. The large selection of book covers offered here is great and the price is very affordable. - Wolfgang Molzahn
When my first cover wasn't cutting the mustard, I decided to look into pre-made book covers. After slogging through several sites I found SelfPubBookCovers.com. It was here I was able to locate a truly fantastic and suitable cover that evokes the right amounts of awesome and epic for my fantasy novel. A few short clicks later and I had a great looking product that exceeded every one of my expectations. --Cameron Camacho
Very happy with the wide selection and easy to use. Will use again. Thank you. Kind regards- Mark Barkley
This cover might have been custom-crafted. It’s perfect for my story! -Kathe Todd
SelfPubBookCovers enabled me to discover a perfect cover and launch my book within 24 hours. The backup from their Support service was 100% and I will be looking here first for all future bookcovers. -Tobias Roote
Selfpubbookcovers.com was an easy experience. There were so many covers to choose from that I was able to find the perfect one. Editing the cover to fit my book was painless and quick! - Bekah Clark
I had been looking for sometime for a cover and was so glad I found SelfPubBookCovers. It certainly ticked all the boxes and the design is perfect. I will be looking for a cover for my next book as the pre-designed covers inspire me to write more books. Excellent, helpful service and fast response to any questions. Highly recommend. --Mira Tova
Thank you so much for such a beautiful cover! My book went live on Amazon just over a week ago and I've gotten a lot of feed back on the cover, and everyone agrees that it is perfect! SelfPubBookCovers.com was a perfect choice to partner with for my book cover. Their wide variety meant that I could choose my perfect match, and I was able to personalize it myself and see what it looked like BEFORE I bought it. Their prices are low and their service is fast. All told, I will definitely be using them again...and again. ~Chris McFarland
I am incredibly grateful to selfpubbookcovers.com for the exquisite artwork you provide. The artist did a tremendous job and I wish I could personally shake their hand. I am currently writing the second novel within my four book series and I AM DEFINITELY going to work with you and your artists for those covers as well. Take care and keep up the excellent work! -O. Nicholas Cicero
I had a great experience the artist the created my cover had a large selection of premade covers to choose from. The artist is Selfpubbookcovers.com/Dmick27 -Stephen Aiken
I just published my second book through CreateSapce on Amazon and again bought my cover from SelfPubBookCovers.com. With thousands of covers to choose from, it’s not an easy task picking just one. Truth be told, I have several I’m keeping an eye on for future books. They have covers for every author, every genre, and every taste. Although my taste generally runs toward edgy, I went conservative with my latest cover by RavenandBlack. This book is actually a collection of screenplays, and I needed a cover that wasn’t too storyline specific. This one was perfect! It has that old, traditional sort of feel to it. I was pleasantly surprised with the spine/back cover I bought for the print version. With my long-winded description on the back, I assumed the back cover would be relatively plain, but the artist came up with a great concept I never would have imagined! Even if I would take the time to sit down and figure out how to create my own cover, I wouldn’t come up with some of these amazing ideas. That’s why they’re artists. Leave the covers to them! I have two more books nearing their final edits, and I can’t wait to see what back cover/spine the artists come up with next! - Holly Copella
SelfPubBookCovers.com is a fantastic service, and I'm so glad I found them before trying to get my cover created elsewhere! They have a huge range of covers for very reasonable prices by some very talented artists, and the process from choosing a cover to designing the cover was very simple indeed. I will definitely be using this service again when it comes time to design my next book cover. --Victoria Sinclair (author of Lessons in Love).
I have recently published my first E-Book and one of the most exciting and fun parts of this process was selecting a suitable cover. After a short time ‘surfing’ I came across SelfPubBookCovers.com. I was astounded by the incredibly selection of the covers, their quality and also the ease of actually purchasing a cover. Needless to say I was so suitably impressed I purchased a cover design by FrinaHard (Cover Design: SelfPubBookCovers.com/FrinaHard) I am absolutely delighted how complements my book perfectly. I will certainly be using this service again!- Roly Andrews  
I couldn't be more thrilled with SelfPubBookCovers.com! I just purchased my first book cover from them and will be buying all of my covers there from now on! Excellent customer service in the UNITED STATES! I left a voice mail which was returned promptly and was given professional and courteous advice. I highly recommend this company to all self published authors looking for book covers! Huge selection of amazing covers to choose from! Site was very user-friendly and it only took a few minutes from start to finish! Huge thank you to Cover Design: SelfPubBookCovers.com/Shardel for my awesome cover.- Denise M. Rezsonya Christian Author & Speaker
I have purchased three Covers from SelfPubBookCovers.com. After trying to hire graphic artists and art students I found SelfPub easy to use. No hassles and I could change the cover several times without paying etc. The price is more than competitive and the results are a professional quality cover for my books. Very satisfied. -Larry Brasington, Indie Author
Using SelfPubBookCovers.com was amazing. The process is easy and the support is fantastic. I had some worries about creating a cover until I discovered SelfPubBookCovers.com. It was truly a pleasure working with such professionals and the artists are incredible. I will definately be using this team on my future covers! ~ George Gutierrez

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