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Here are some of our Published Covers/Testimonials

"Outpost Earth" was published by Double Dragon Publishing but together we found the perfect cover art on SelfPubBookCovers. They are extremely easy to work with, fast, and you can't beat their prices. They provided two covers for the one price: one for the paper back and one for the ebook. Both versions worked perfectly as promised. The entire process took no more than a day. Double Dragon Publishing prepared the cover typography, credit for the background artwork we bought from SelfPubBookCovers goes to DesignsbyDanielle. -L.H. Davis
I love the new front cover for my first novel. -Zelmer A. Wilson
The book cover I purchased from you has been an absolute winner. I purchased the cover a year ago for ebook release only, and I had many readers tell me they purchased my book solely from the beautiful cover. I had enough requests for a print version that I went ahead and purchased the spine and back cover from selfpubbookcovers and you and your team did an amazing job. Even going out of your way to explain in detail how to navigate Createspace's site. I'm impressed with the professionalism you've displayed and I highly recommended your website to fellow authors. Thank you, Ty W Isham
As a self-publishing author, I searched for book cover artists and found SelfPubBookCovers. They had a wide genre with the largest selection. The quality of covers is outstanding. And for the cost compared to other artist? Unbelievable price for the quality of design. I have received nothing but high praise as the covers grab the attention of the reader. I was so happy with the first cover, I became a repeat customer. Shardel and thrillerauthor - special thanks to you both for sexy covers. Jetta Blair Here is a link to Jetta Blair's other books!
Buying a one-of-a-kind book cover with is easy and straightforward. You just browse their selection of available covers, pick the one you like, and customize it. Personally, I spent about a week going through every page of their sci-fi/fantasy covers picking out ones I thought might work before finally settling on one by Viergacht ( After designing and purchasing it, the artist offered input on how the title and such might be better placed. It was much better than my initial attempt, so I went with it. In the end, I had a quality book cover for my new book. I look forward to coming back here for my next book cover. -Timothy Ryan
The experience of shopping at SelfPubBookCovers is delightfully easy. Selecting and customizing a cover is a breeze. I will definitely keep you on my list for when I need covers for future projects. -Dennis Coslett
I've purchased over a dozen book covers from your site, and I can't tell you how many times I've received compliments on them. The selection of pre-made covers is unrivaled, and I've always been successful in finding just the right one. Thank you! - Kevin Hopson
Thank you to and FrinaArt for the amazing cover for my new novel Forbidden Places. The back cover design for the paperback is an eye-catcher too. I am grateful to for the huge selection of covers from which to choose. I was able to choose the perfect cover at an affordable price. Your site is a tremendous resource for indie writers. -Deanna Madden created three great covers for my new trilogy. They turned out great, and the customer service was outstanding. I highly recommend this company and plan to use their services again. Bryan Davis
I have used SelfPubBookCovers twice now, and am very impressed with how quick and easy it has been to get my covers just the way I want them. The range of choice in each genre is impressive too. I looked around quite extensively for sites selling quality covers that were simple to edit, quick and convenient and for me, SelfPubBookCovers is the BEST to suit my needs. They are also very reasonably priced in comparison with other sites and I will definitely be using their services again. Thank you SelfPubBookCovers, and in particular thank you to for the Hag's Breath cover and to for the Wakeful Children cover. I already have a third cover lined up for my next book! -S P Oldham.
Thanks SelfPupBookCovers everyone LOVES the cover and says it calls to them. - D.V. Stone
I love They have a wide selection of great covers, the website is so easy to use, and the prices are so reasonable. Highly recommend them. Thank you, L. C. Hayden
I have used SelfPubBookCovers twice now and I have no doubt I will continue to use their services because of the wide choice of covers, a product which is superbly produced, the competitive pricing and the ease of use. My second cover will be used shortly with my sequel. -Andrew Williams
I was really impressed with SelfPubBookCovers. I was attracted by the large selection of book covers. They were diverse and really creative. So there is a cover for everyone! I was spoiled for choice and will shop there again. The key selling feature for me is that they take the cover out of circulation once you buy it. So it is good to have something truly unique. Quite a few sites do not offer this. I would like to say a personal thank you to the artist FrinaArt ( Many have commented on how good the book cover looks and it really stands out. Regards, Jason Delarue
I am very impressed with the entire process of working with Everything was very easy to maneuver through on their site and I have a book that is being well responded to. I chose this cover and it was perfect for my book. Design: I will definitely use this service again. Mr. Jonathan P Mance
I am so impressed with! When I was trying to figure out how to make a quality book cover for my first novel, A Love Predestined, I had no idea where to start. I ended up finding your site through one of the search engines and was awed by the quality and assortment of the artwork, the customer service, and how easy and affordable it was. When getting ready to follow up with my second novel, a first-person private detective mystery (Russian Roulette, available September 15th), I went straight to your site. I quickly found the perfect cover and with the customization available I was blown away. Thank you so much! ~Ben Dedrick
This was my first time doing any kind of publishing and found your website very user friendly. The favorites function allowed me to look at multiple different covers and compare them side by side. That, plus the ability to see how a cover would look with my title and information on it before I bought it was very helpful as well. I was able to find exactly what I was looking for and settled on this design (Cover Design: ) Thank you for a wonderful experience and helping me to selfpublish my first book! -Evan Oliver
This is my eighth cover from this site, so it goes without saying how happy I am with the service here. Each cover is unique and affordable, and there is a wide selection of covers in every genre. -Juliet James.
I was told of SelfpubBookcovers from a fellow author. I was impressed with the design of his covers and, once I had taken a look at the online library of unique examples available, was doubly impressed. The facility to add your own text and customize the design was particularly useful and the online interface for editing very easy to use. My genre is horror, and it's often difficult to find original designs beyond the usual tropes that you see. So I was amazed at the quality of what was available. The ability to adjust and re-download the cover was a great bonus as I found I had gone beyond the print margins with my text on the createspace version of the cover. All in all, a five star service. - Tom Adams

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