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Here are some of our Published Covers/Testimonials is the best book cover company I could ever ask for! They did a great job putting my book review from Publisher’s Weekly on the back cover and fixing all of my book cover file problems. Rob (the Creative Director) is so extremely nice and professional and really takes his time to make sure that the job is done correctly and efficiently. It’s nice to have a company that you can discuss your problems with and they always answer you immediately. They are a top quality company that really gets the job done fast! I give them a 5 star rating!!! is #1 in my book!!! ~Donna M. Rink “Alpha Buddies Land”
I'm an author of three books and have previously used publishing companies. However, I chose to self-publish and learn all the steps independently this time. It wasn't an easy road, and then I came across SelfPubBookCovers, which made a world of difference. There are so many covers and talented artists to choose from, and you can even have your ideas integrated into a cover of your own vision. This company went above and beyond my expectations and even gave a few pointers on what would make my covers stand out. I will absolutely use them again, and I will let others know about SelfPubBookCovers. They made it an easy and enjoyable experience. Thank you once again to SelfPubBookCover for making my experience a memorable one. ~Lynelle Skaggs
I've been using for my novels since 2020. I've been more than pleased by the wide selection of cover art. They are quick and efficient, as well as provide great customer service if any issues that may occur. I haven't used their custom design options yet, but I feel comfortable in knowing that it's available and I may use it in the future. Thank you for your time and great service, Joshua Griffith
I have used SelfPubBookCovers for all five of the novels in The Arizona Series, and every one has been more beautiful than the last! Check out the latest, People of the Sun ~Jan Kelly Author / Educator
The most valuable option, in my case in regard to SelfPubBookCovers, is that they allowed me to change the text as often as needed. Which worked well for me because I had purchased two covers for novellas I was working on over a year before publishing them. And I discovered right before I was ready to publish them, that both of my titles had already been taken within that year. So, I was able to change the cover text as needed easily and quickly. ~Arleen Snow
I wrote a book about 20 years ago but never published it; I thought it was a hassle to do so. Friends shared their positive experience with SelfPubBookcovers. As a result, I updated the book and ordered my book cover with SelfPubBookcovers. I am still amazed by how much they assisted me through the process. Their instructions were clear and concise but there were a few things I didn't understand, they took customer service to a higher standard. The owner personally emailed me to provide further instruction to assist in what exactly was needed. The company is prompt, extremely helpful and efficient. I didn't have to deal with a "no reply" or wait for someone to answer my questions. Their customer service and product delivery is second to none. I am pretty emotional because I would not have been able to complete my process without them. Not to mention the ease and choices they provide for book covers, it was beyond excellent and at a low price. Their delivery of guidance and customer service makes you feel like the old days when you can just pick up the phone or email someone and get a prompt response. SelfPubBookcovers is a first class entity and I loved working with them. Gail Sparks Pitts
Choosing a cover is always a daunting task, but the wide selection of covers at SelfPubBookCovers makes things a lot easier. The fact that I can customize the book before buying it is another added bonus. -Roy Lim
I have just published my latest book, The Woodsman, and during the writing process, I was looking for a cover that would suit the mood of the book. I discovered SelfPubBookCovers through a contact on Twitter and when I looked at the site, I was amazed at the wide selection of very good pre-made covers. Initially I was planning on having a custom-made cover but after looking through the premade covers, I found a perfect match. I liked the way that I was able to put the title, author name and a tagline on to the cover and play around with the fonts, sizing and location of the text as well as the different effects that you could have. In the end, I have a cover that was very reasonably priced, and I am sure will be a great hook for potential readers. I will certainly come back to the site again for future books. Michael Andrews
SelfPubBookCovers is the only site to use for self-publishing authors. They have an incredible selection of covers by a variety of artists. Everything is so easy and convenient. The artists and team members will accommodate all of your needs. You will never want to use anyone else. -M.S. Rosen
I really enjoyed working with SelfPubBookCovers to find just the right artwork for the cover of my book and to modify it to make it look just right. They were all very helpful and answered all my questions quickly with no trouble. I highly recommend SelfPubBookCovers to anyone looking to publish their books. -Rachael Evelyn Booth
Rob, thank you for guiding me on my first book cover, as you and your company went out of your way to get this accomplished for me. The cover is very beautiful I have a lot of comments about the cover. Thank you Jesus for guiding me to -Ken Zifer
We thank for the professionalism and personal touch they put into the services provided to the client. The project is amazing and offers a huge amount of pre-made art covers for reasonable prices. But the most important thing is the idea that the author of the novel has a direct participation in the preparation of the final cover, not only giving wishes and approving the work, but actually independently participating in its creation. The opportunity to be directly involved in the creation of the cover is a pleasant experience, while the opportunity to finish, revise and add to an author-designer's work is a privilege. We highly recommend the work of! Thank you once again! See you soon for the cover design of our next novel. ~ Grigorov Brothers
With you have the choice to choose a cover from their stock, or have one custom made. They are affordable and my favorite part is, once you buy the cover, it's yours. You can use it for anything and it will never be sold to another author. Their service department is friendly, helpful, and quick to respond. The covers they have in stock are high quality and beautiful. I'm currently having a custom cover made and I can't wait to see what they create from my description!! I highly recommend them!! ~H.L. Anderson
I had a fantastic experience with! I had been browsing this website along with a few others for at least six months prior to actually being ready to purchase a cover. As my manuscript drew closer to completion and then as I was editing, I realized that the cover designs I was really looking for were definitely to be found on I saved a few and then finally was ready to make the purchase on the one that I liked best. The Cover Design I selected was created by and completely fit my book theme. I played around a little bit with the wording style on the cover upon purchase, but didn't get it to where I wanted it to be that first time. I left it alone for a week. In the week between my purchase and the time I was about to upload my book to be published and actually needed the cover, Daniela, without being asked by me, had put the title and my author name in with the absolutely perfect font and look. Her rendition was beside the one I had done. I was thrilled! I did have a slight problem in the download process however the Customer Service at was EXCELLENT and the problem was quickly resolved. Even another issue I was having, that one being my own lack of knowledge on the how-tos of the process, Customer Service was prompt and extremely helpful. The selection, the range of cover art, the talent of the artists, the helpfulness of the artists, and the responsiveness of the customer service all lend themselves to a quality online book cover art store and one I would highly recommend! Thank you, and Daniela, for making this experience seamless! ~Diane Greenblatt
My book was uploaded to Amazon and it looks beautiful. The cover is spectacular. I made several mistakes and got befuddled in creating it, but Selfpubbookcovers worked with me graciously and quickly! I am delighted with the cover and the support they gave me throughout the process. ~Phyllis Newman
After making a decision to self-publish a book, I dedicated myself to writing the story and preparing it for publication. Of course further expression of the story had to present in the form of its book cover. It was time to hire the services of a graphic artist to work with me to design the cover (front, back and spine). But I needed more than a graphic artist. I needed a company that could provide the services of an artist and also the services needed to ensure that the print specifications for the cover would fit within the template required for self-publishing. After evaluating the services of a number of companies, I selected SelfPubBookCovers. This company offers thousands of pre-made book covers designed/created by talented artists, who allow you to make unlimited type modifications to their covers. Or, in the alternative, you can work with this team of professionals to design a custom cover entirely as you imagine your cover to be. Mine was a hybrid process. I selected a pre-made cover and then provided my ideas for a few modifications that would complement the mood of the book’s story. The result: a great book cover. In addition, you receive your finished cover in record time. The added bonus is that you receive a quality, print-ready cover at a great price. Thanks so much to Rob, Creative Director/Co-Founder and the entire team at SelfPubBookCovers. ~T. FREDERICK SCUPI
I have finished my book at last, and this cover actually inspired the character descriptions. I had passed it over, at first, but the image haunted me and finally I knew I had to use it for Original Sins. Thank you again, SelfPubBookCovers! ~ Allison M. Azulay
My latest book "A Handful of Bullets" has an awesome cover art by Saphira. The art that I find on SelfPubBookCovers has never disappointed me. As for customer service- it is top of the line. With regards, Brian T. Seifrit
I am in love with BeeJavier's photography and cover art! I have bought two more covers since, bookmarked several more, and plan to use these to round out my series. They are beautiful, original, and captivating. I just hope I have done the work justice with my font choices! Thanks so much! ~Claire (aka Sasha Avice) offer great high-quality covers and value for money. It was easy to customize my cover on their website, and I was impressed with their fast turnaround time and customer service. I highly recommend them. -Robin Ive

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