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We've been hearing from many authors that they have been buying covers for books in development.

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We heard from a few authors who have bought covers for their trilogies.

We've been hearing how authors love how easy it is to get a one-of-a-kind cover.


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Here are some of our Published Covers/Testimonials

Hello. I recently redid the covers to my Perpetual Creatures Series. I love the quality and selection of the covers, and the ease of tailoring them to my own needs. The prices are great as well. Thank you. Gabriel Beyers
SelfPubBookCovers offers world class quality at an affordable price; the perfect solution for indie authors like me. I've published six books with their covers and I'm happy with all of them. Cover designer Viergacht ( -Lucius Nye
In searching for a cover, for my new Novel, I checked out this website. Am I ever happy with what I found, among their hundreds of book cover art Samples (editors note: thousands and thousands of one-of-a-kind book cover designs). My “Thriller” portrays a blind Criminologist, who was investigating a sinister group who uses their discovery of a mind altering Brain interface to control people’s actions. I had two problems. I needed an image of our “Hero” who wore dark glasses, and a U.S. Flag furrowed in the background. The fascinating aspect of their product is you search the Tags, select Fonts, and colors, from a variety of choices, and position the text where you want it. A book cover is worth a thousand words, and mine will complement my marketing program. “Puppets” is available on Amazon/Kindle, - Mitch Cleland
SelfPubBookCovers has thousands of high-quality covers to choose from. But if you can’t find a cover that fits your book exactly, it’s an easy process to work with the artist of your choice to create a stunning work of art. (editors note: just send us an email with the Artist's name and we will get back to you with a quote). -Suzanne Elizabeth Cover design by ThrillerAuthor. (
I found your site by searching the internet and looking for inspiration for the cover. I found you and I am very satisfied. Your selection is really good and I can find what I'm looking for. Your artists are also inspirational, the covers themselves create a story in my head to write. My readers are very happy with the cover, attracted and encouraged to buy the book. I am very happy and my next books will have covers selected from your great selection. Very handy is the type editor, you can easily apply the title and name of the author. I am determined to work with you as long as I write books - always. -Adrian John Kenzie.
My new cover is perfect. I'm very happy. It's well done, and the site is very simple to manage, (even if you're a French woman). There is a large choice of covers. Thank you Sandizel! Sincerely, Alex Victor TRINITY
I recently purchased a book cover from you, my first one with your company. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the cover I got and the whole process involved! I will definitely be a repeat customer. - Dr. Andrew P.
The cover for my book fitted perfectly with what I had in my mind. Read the book to find out why! ~SJ Jones
I looked a long time for a print cover for one of my e-books. I didn't see much that I liked, was tentative about dealing with a site I didn't know, and the covers were pricey. Then I found selfpubbookcovers. I loved how easily I could work with a cover adding my title and name. It is a completely user-friendly site even for a novice like me. When I had questions, I called the readily available number and talked directly with the creative director who walked me through the process and handled a small quirk with Paypal. Everything went smooth as silk, it uploaded and printed beautifully to Createspace, and I love the cover. It is professional, unique, and high quality. ---------------- I will be using selfpubbookcovers again in the near future for my next print book. I encourage anyone to search through the variety of covers for the perfect one. It's there. My problem was there were too many choices. (We have a great search feature on the homepage! -Rob, Creative Director) The covers print beautifully, and the service was exceptional. And if you are into contemporary romance, check out Miss Not So Fine Available on Amazon and the Createspace e-store. ~Tea DeLuca
I was at a loss trying to figure out how to get a cover design done for my book. With limited funds to spend but a desire to have something professional looking, I started searching on the internet for book cover designs. I was excited when I found and even happier when it didn't take long to find a cover on their site which was just perfect. It was easy to add my title and other info to the cover design using the edit tools provided on their site. However, because I wanted the wording formatted in a specific way, I ended up downloading the blank cover design and getting a graphic's person to add title, etc. They had no problems working with my SelfPubBookCovers cover design, so I highly recommend their covers. ~Penny B Price
I have now purchased two covers from SelfPubBookCovers- the first of them has been out nearly two months now. It quickly went to #1 in genre/category and has stayed in the top three since then. It's paperback version is far outselling any of my other books. Covers matter! I'm now convinced. I have paid three to four hundred dollars for covers in the past, but have found making my own with your help so reasonable and easy to do its a no-brainer. The second cover (recently purchased) is for a work in progress and seventh book in the Navajo Nation Mystery Series. I intend to replace all my covers eventually and already have several more of your covers on my favorite list. I bought well in advance this time due to losing out on several I really liked due to being sold before I got around to them (that won't happen again). Thanks! R. Allen Chappell
I have used SelfPubBookCovers several times over now, and will continue to do so. The wide range of covers available together with the reasonable prices and easy to use system means they are my first stop when looking for ready made book covers for my work. I am also impressed with their support and communications. -Sue Oldham.
I am extremely grateful to for their help in finding me the right cover for my novel. Before I came across them, I wasted hours on the internet searching stock photographs - all to no avail. Their choice and quality of the covers is simply first class; their website so easy to use, not to mention their first-class customer service which makes for a pleasant, stress free experience. Aren Black
I just published the first of the two book covers I've purchased from SelfPubBookCovers. I'm soon ordering the back cover for it for the print version. It's a great experience working with SelfPubBookCovers for great covers for my books! The editing tools provided are awesome. The artist, Daniela, ( did a great job! ~ Dwain House
Thank you SelfPubBookCovers and the artists in helping me find the perfect cover for my first book. I was worried before I found this site about what to do about getting a stylish and professional cover. The quality of the art work and the easy process has been amazing, and I no longer worry about where to find covers for my next books. -Robin N Greenwood
Thank you to for the perfect cover. It conveyed everything about my story. The choices of text were excellent and so easy to work with. I will definitely be using them again, they are the best on the market and great value for money. Nothing sells your book better than an eye-catching cover. -Peter Midwood
This was the first time I used this service, It was simple and easy to create the account and I found plenty of possible covers. When I found the one of my choosing It was quick and painless to edit and to make the full cover was effortless. - Christopher Blythe-Bartram
I love SelfPubBookCovers: a HUGE collection of professional covers to choose from with very talented artists, and a very easy format to modify the look of the cover. I'm a loyal fan. I have one published book and three coming up that have your covers. Much Love, Phoenix
I'd heard horror stories about self-publishing authors trying to find good cover art. A lot of other sites charge way more than I can afford as a new writer. There were many covers to choose from; I never suffered from a want of options. Not only was selection amazing and very professional, but the prices are affordable on a self-publishing budget. I plan to use this site for all my self-publishing needs! Try it out, you're sure to love the experience and be proud of your final product! Thanks so much, SelfPubBookCovers! - Leigh Holland
The user-friendly search option and amazing selection of covers at SelfPubBookCovers made designing my book's cover one of the most enjoyable parts of my whole publishing process! The customer service has been incredible and I'll definitely use the service again. - Lucy O'Dell.

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