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About me!

About Me

I am a prize winning,  freelance artist based in the UK. 

I have been producing art in various mediums for over 30 years. I absolutely love coming up with unique and interesting ideas to do your words justice. 

About My Covers

All of my covers are original art pieces. I create them using a mixture of my own photographs and artwork which I  blend with my own 3D renders. I try to avoid stock images wherever possible so you can be 100% assured that your book cover is completely and utterly unique to you. Once sold, a cover is NEVER sold again.

Back Covers / Spines

For a complete, professional look, I can create for you both a custom back cover and spine for your book. To access this service, go to your Dashboard and just under the thumbnail of your book cover, is a link to order a back cover and spine from me.

I am also able to help you with your typography or do modifications for you after you’ve purchased one of my covers.


Finally, I am extremely excited to be able to offer you animated covers that you can use on your websites, blog, Facebook and social media sites.

Covers that work best for animation include, ones with clouds, sky, water, magical elements, light beams and similar elements as the animation really brings them to life. Animated artwork is a fantastic way to make your book cover really standout and look exceptional!

If you would like to have one of my one-of-a-kind book covers animated, just contact Rob at